The corrupt cronyism between President Apprentice DJ Trump and WWE’s Vince McMahon

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DJ Trump and Vince McMahon share a special bond.

The bond between President Apprentice DJ Trump and Vince McMahon is strong and immutable. They have been doing material favors for each other for many years. Furthermore, they have many life experience and character similarities, only a few of which are listed here:

DJ Trump and Vince McMahon were both born into privilege and both took over the family businesses, McMahon more successfully so than Trump.

DJ Trump inherited millions of dollars from his father. It is well documented that Trump lost most of it through highly risky and business deals, and only recovered fully through $1B of tax loss carry-forward deductions, and when he was cast on The Apprentice. At one point Trump burned banks and investors so badly that only Deutsche Bank would loan money to him. Some reports point to loan funding and guarantees from Russian Oligarchs, as the only reason Deutsche Bank alone would lend Trump money while eliminating any financial risk for the bank.

For the past several years, Trump’s business interests have been failing. Hotels are canceling their Trump branding licensing deals. Condo owners are removing the Trump branding from their buildings. According to Forbes, Trump’s net worth dropped from $4.5 billion to $3.1 billion from 2015 to 2018. It dropped another $1 billion since coronavirus started. That’s a 53% decline in 5 years.

Vince McMahon was also born into privilege and took over the family business that his grandfather Jess McMahon and father Vincent J, McMahon started in 1953 as Capitol Wrestling Federation Ltd. Unlike Trump, Vince McMahon didn’t make similar business mistakes. He grew the business organically as the World’s Greatest Promoter of All Time as described by Jim Ross on Sports Illustrated. McMahon’s net worth is around $2 Billion today.

DJ Trump and Vince McMahon have made fortunes on their core competencies: lying and deception.

Tony Schwartz’s Mea Culpas

DJ Trump brags in his book The Art of the Deal, that lying and deception is one of his core competencies, and is one of the reasons for his success. When Tony Schwarts wrote the book for Trump, he was having a difficult time portraying “lying” as a positive character trait. He finally came up with the term “truthful hyperbole” which he admits is a nonsensical oxymoron, but it gave Trump a way to “brand” lying as a positive trait. It lands easier on the ears than “honest bullsh*t”.  An example of Trump’s honest bullsh*t as Schwarts describes it:

Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All
The New Yorker Magazine, July 18th, 2016

“One of Trump’s favorite stories was about how he had tricked the company that owned Holiday Inn into becoming his partner in an Atlantic City casino. Trump claimed that he had quieted executives’ fears of construction delays by ordering his construction supervisor to make a vacant lot that he owned look like ‘the most active construction site in the history of the world.’ As Trump tells it in ‘The Art of the Deal’, there were so many dump trucks and bulldozers pushing around dirt and filling holes that had just been dug that when Holiday Inn executives visited the site it ‘looked as if we were in the midst of building the Grand Coulee Dam.’ The stunt, Trump claimed, pushed the deal through.”

Vince McMahon’s WWE business (formerly WWF and other legal entities) was based on lying and deception from the very beginning. Professional Wrestling is fake. For 30 years professional wrestling portrayed itself as a competition of athletes. At first, a significant percentage of the public believed it. That number dwindled over time to where we are today. There is still a small but notable percentage of the public who still believe it is a true competition, even though Vince McMahon debunked that himself in front of the New Jersey Senate and the NJ Athletic commission:

Historic Moments in Wrestling part 6: Vince McMahon admits wrestling is predetermined
Independent, May 30th, 2014

“February 10 1989 was the day the facade died, as in front of the State of New Jersey Senate on a bill to remove Wrestling from the regulations that had been applied by the Athletic Commissions, Vince McMahon, representing the World Wrestling Federation, stated that professional wrestling should be defined as ‘an activity in which participants struggle hand-in-hand primarily for the purpose of providing entertainment to spectators rather than conducting a bona fide athletic contest.’

With those words, everybody’s suspicions had been confirmed – wrestling was not, in fact, a legitimate sporting contest. As a result, the bill deregulating professional wrestling passed by a vote of 37 to 1.”

DJ Trump has Trump Tower in NYC and, and Vince McMahon has Titan Tower in Stamford, CT.

DJ Trump and Vince McMahon are both misogynists.

Case 1:16-cv-07673-RA Document 1 Filed 09/30/16 Page 1 of 10

DJ Trump’s misogyny is infamous. From the Access Hollywood tape to the numerous affairs, to the  25 women who have claimed Trump sexually assaulted them, to the lawsuit accusing Trump of the rape and beating of a 13-year-old at an Epstein Pubescent Party in the early 1990s.

The interesting thing about the lawsuit is it was more than he-said, she-said. There was a witness who corroborated everything the plaintiff claimed under the penalty of perjury. The witness was Epstein’s Party Planner and recruiter of underage girls for ten years. The case was mysteriously dropped, but if you read one of the claims by the plaintiff and corroborated by the witness’ sworn statement, you might have a good idea of why. Quote:

4. I was hired by and paid directly by Mr. Epstein from the years of 1991-2000 to attract adolescent women to attend these parties, most of which were held at what is known as the Wexner Mansion located at 9E 71st St. in New York City…

9. I personally witnessed the one occasion where Mr. Trump forced the Plaintiff and a 12-year-old female named Maria perform or*I sex on Mr. Trump and witnessed his physical abuse of both minors when they finished the act…

14. I personally witnessed Defendant Trump telling the Plaintiff that she shouldn’t ever say anything if she didn’t want to disappear like the 12-year-old female Maria, and that he was capable of having her whole family killed.

Who’s Maria? Where’s Maria? Was she kidnapped? Trafficked? Something worse?

For some reason, The Howard Stern Show seems to be Trump’s confessional. Just by the Howard Stern Show transcripts, Trump’s misogyny is crystal clear, especially in his own words:

Interviews on Howard Stern Show
Howard Stern: By the way, your daughter…
DJ Trump… she’s beautiful…
Howard Stern: … can I say this? A piece of a**.
DJ Trump: Yeah!

Trump Brags About Walking In On Nude Teenage Girls at His Miss Teen USA Pageant
“Before a show, I’ll go backstage and everyone’s getting dressed, and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it. You know, I’m inspecting because I want to make sure that everything is good. You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody okay?’ And you see these incredible looking women, and so, I sort of get away with things like that.”

Vince McMahon’s misogyny seems to revolve around his wrestling business. At one time, McMahon was producing bikini-clad female wrestling matches. There must have been a substantial blowback that cost him money because McMahon has discontinued them. The three primary competitions were the following:

  • Pudding Match: Vince McMahon’s version of mud wrestling.
  • Bra and Panties Match: Contestants try to take each other’s clothes off, leaving on only the bikini top and bikini thong. The one left wearing only the bikini is the loser.
  • Paddle and Pole Match: A paddle is put atop a pole. The contestants have to fight their way up the pole to get the paddle. Then the loser gets paddled. Yeah, it’s pretty bizarre.

None of the women are nude. If they look like they might be nude they’re wearing bikini tops and thong bikini bottoms.

Corruption and Cronyism

As stated earlier, DJ Trump and Vince McMahon have been doing material favors for each other over the years. McMahon has paid Trump to appear at his events. McMahon and his wife Linda are among Trump’s largest donors. Trump-appointed Linda McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration. She left that post last year to chair the pro-Trump Super PAC America First Action, to help prepare for the 2020 campaign.

WWE Is Declared a Florida Essential Business by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Governor Ron DeSantis has been a loyal Trump supporter, following Trump’s lead at every opportunity, including following Trump’s lead with the Coronavirus outbreak. Even before Florida started “opening up again”, Rick DeSantis declared WWE as an “Essential Business”, raising it to the same level as first responders, medical staff, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. And that was after two WWE performers tested positive for COVID 19. Of course, that sounds nuts, but it is true. On top of that, the very same day Linda McMahon authorized a massive media buy in two Florida markets:

Pro-Trump PAC run by McMahon pledged $18.5 million the same day DeSantis deemed WWE an ‘essential business’ in Orlando
Orlando Weekly, April 15th, 2020

“On the same day that WWE was deemed an “essential business,” the American First Action political action committee, which is chaired by WWE owner Vince McMahon’s wife, Linda, announced a total of $18.5 million in television advertisement spending in the Orlando ($11.3 million) and Tampa ($7.1 million) media markets.”

A Quid Pro Quo triad?

McMahon gets tangled up in the Trump Foundation fraud.

Most people know that the fraudulent Trump Foundation was shut down and was ordered to pay over $2 million in fines and restitution to other charities that the Foundation cheated. What many people don’t know is the extensiveness and pervasiveness of Trump’s corruption. Former NY Attorney General summed it up:

“Our petition detailed a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation — including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more. This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests

None of the Foundation’s expenditures or activities were approved by its Board of Directors. The investigation found that the Board existed in name only: it did not meet after 1999; it did not set policy or criteria for choosing grant recipients, and it did not approve of any grants. Mr. Trump alone made all decisions related to the foundation.”

So how did Vince McMahon get tied up with the Trump Foundation illegality?

IRS rules prohibit individuals from diverting taxable income owed to them toward charities if they benefit directly from those charities unless the individual declares the income on his tax forms. There are a number of suspicious donations made to the Trump Foundation that may have been in return for Trump’s personal work, including a $5 million donation to Trump’s charity that may have been in exchange for Trump’s appearances at WWE events.

The McMahons contend that the $5 million didn’t come from WWE, but from Vince McMahon personally. McMahon will not release records from his business or from his personal tax returns which could confirm his claim. The question for investigators remains: was the donation diverted taxable income that should have been paid directly to Trump? Did it come from WWE or McMahon personally?

Trump has been successfully blocking evidence and testimony involving his official duties through Executive Privilege. He has also been successful in blocking evidence and testimony involving his personal financial transactions through Blanket Immunity, a made-up privilege that doesn’t exist. The reason Trump is so desperate to get reelected is that if he is not re-elected, his Executive Privilege and Blanket Immunity expire when he leaves office. The investigations will accelerate in earnest. If Trump stays in office and continues to be successful in blocking evidence of his personal financial transactions, all of the ongoing investigations will stop due to the statute of limitations expiring before he would finish a second term.

We need to vote Trump out in November, and force his Executive Privilege and Blanket Immunity to expire in January.

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