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It seems we have not heard the last of this so-called scandal. Well, I have been trying to read up on this and there are names flying around like flys with a fresh pile of shit.

We have all sorts of people claiming to know about the emails that originated in Ukraine. The first problem here is that the Ukraine people are tired of all this crap. They say the new sport in Ukraine is chasing these emails. The government has undertaken to create a law against this crap. And we have our elusive Rudy Giuliani working with someone in the Ukraine government that has just been labeled a Russian spy. Now there’s supposed to be a second laptop with even more emails and bullshit. Oops, I meant evidence.

Nobody has confirmed who the first laptop belongs to but we are supposed to believe there’s a second laptop laying around on some mysterious shelf.  Now we have Trump who wants his personal attorney Bill Barr to hire a special prosecutor to look at this. Why, even Trump’s pet dog Jim Jordan has signed on. I just love this guy. He walks around like the proverbial pitbull always ready for action. There are some people that believe he should have been more observant in his previous job, but that’s another problem. My favorite is his time with the idiot from Florida where they crashed a Democratic meeting when they were on the committee involved. Can we say grandstand?

Now back to Trump. While he’s going on about unfounded rumors of Hunter Biden, we find out that Donald Trump maintains a bank account in China. I know this is perfectly innocent. He needs an account there in case he needs to cash a check. Of course, there’s one little problem here. He forgot to mention this in his financial disclosures. And when we bring up his progeny, it seems that while Donald was negotiating with the president of China, Ivanka scored a whole stack of patents. Let me see…I heard someone accuse someone of maybe doing something like this. Oh yeah! Joe and Hunter Biden!

Now I have a real hard time figuring out how it’s just fine and dandy for the Trumps to break ethics laws but it’s bad that there might be evidence that the Bidens did the same thing. Now I have another problem. If Joe and Hunter did all this, what did they do with the money? There’s no record of that. I know it’s with the broken laptop that a Biden supposedly left at a blind computer repair Republican supporter that was turned over to the cops that turned it over to the FBI. Then Rudy recently took the laptop to Delaware to turn it over to a police station that turned it over to the FBI. And no that’s not a typo. That’s just following the story that Rudy Giuliani is shoveling.

And now there are new allegations that the laptop was used in a money-laundering scheme. And this is the same laptop that started life as a broken laptop because it wasn’t even made when the emails are supposed to be on it were put on it. Hell, I wish I could travel as much as this laptop!

And Trump is jumping up and down and threatening to hold his breath unless Bill Barr opens some sort of investigation. And yes, this is already supposed to be something that Trump wants to hit Joe Biden with at the debate. And I don’t get it. A high school student could find enough evidence on the Ivanka Jared pair. There’s a whole list they could be connected to. And I would be remiss in my writing to forget that Eric Trump was forced to testify under oath about the Trump family business in a tax and insurance fraud scheme. Now if I was looking at who did what, I personally would be looking real hard at the Trumps. Their crimes are already verifiable and anything the Bidens might have done is still up in the air. Now it seems to me that since we know that the FBI has been investigating this whole horse race since the trump impeachment. That just maybe they would have found something by now on the Bidens.

Just saying!

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  1. Ah, yes. Giuliani. Putin’s idiot. Emphasis on idiot. What was he doing in a hotel room with an actress playing a 15 yr. old with his hand down his pants? He was horizontal, on a bed. Claims he was tucking in his shirt. He tucked it down here, & he tucked it down there, & he tucked it over there again. If he’d kept at it he might have found another computer with a Biden foundation sticker on it. Ewww.

    • Well I know that if he found another laptop down there I know that one wouldn’t work because I would drop it in a barrel of disinfectant. Yeah in the old days when you would work on a carburetor you would dip it in a barrel of cleaner. They probably don’t let you do that anymore. Open container bad for environment. Oh well. Still going to dip something in disinfectant.

  2. I was fed up with Giuliani when he was the corrupt mayor of NYC. I have become less tolerant of him through the years. Anything that spills from his mouth came from the sewer or lower.

  3. Using Giuliana as a Biden weapon has so many things wrong with it even Trump loyalists must be rolling their eyes.
    The few reputable Republicans remaining are already voting Blue.

    • Even Ukraine is tired of all this shit. They are drafting a law against this very issue of stealing emails then selling them as Rudy has been involved with. And yes the girl in a bedroom and him with his hand down his pants. They aren’t talking about the weather.

  4. More emails, can they come up with maybe recordings. The missing Hilary emails was all bullshit before an election. Who cares about emails. Jarvanka claimed they made 84 million on their taxes. Now we have new hunter Biden email bullshit. Well I’m sticking with the recording of The Dumpster telling Billy Bush how women let him grab them by the pussy because he is famous. I have that recording as my ringtone. Vote blue while you still can.


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