This story is both engrossing and completely horrifying, and shows that the mainstream media has done a tremendous disservice, per its usual, in focusing on the respiratory aspects almost exclusively, because I now have knowledge I didn’t have, but needed.  Read on.

Patrick Huey contacted HuffPost after reading a story about a Florida-based ICU doctor who broke down on CNN while being interviewed about patients dying of COVID-19. The Texas-based funeral professional, who has worked as an embalmer for the past 30 years and won the South Central Texas Funeral Directors Association’s first-ever Embalmer of the Year award in 2019, offered to share his own harrowing COVID-related experiences, as well as the toll working in the funeral industry during the pandemic is taking on him and his colleagues.

The author wearing his personal protective equipment. (Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Huey)

The author wearing his personal protective equipment. (Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Huey)

The death rate in general over the past few years has been unprecedented. The baby boomer generation has begun to die, and we are seeing more bodies than ever before. Add COVID to that and we’re reaching a breaking point.

We get bodies out of ICU regularly, but not in the condition that these COVID bodies are in.

These folks were so swollen they were completely unrecognizable. We were also getting sent a lot of people who had died from COVID in nursing homes back at that time, and many of them had not been dead very long at all. Generally when we embalm, we utilize a major artery to inject the embalming fluid and we use its adjoining vein for drainage. The blood tends to settle out because it’s no longer flowing and it’ll gravitate to the dependent part of the body. The longer a body sits, the more blood clots that they develop. I was having people that had only been dead for a few hours and there were major clotting issues. The clots were the size of pancakes ― you never, never see those with someone who didn’t die of COVID.

Many of the people who were in the ICU were on ventilators, and they put adhesive patches on their cheeks. They can easily become septic and they drip that septic saliva on the sides of their faces and the skin in that area gets infected. We were literally receiving bodies with huge lesions on their cheeks or [patches that had gone] gangrene. The sad part is the families of these people, at that point, hadn’t been allowed to see their loved ones during the several weeks that they were in the ICU. So the body comes out in an almost unrecognizable condition, and then you have to explain to their family that their loved one doesn’t look anything like what they should.

Re-read that last piece.  This is not just some ugly pneumonia, this is legit “Saw” sequel level horror unfolding.  Think about the phrase, as he put it, “septic saliva” the idea that just spit dripping down can create massive lesions and disfigurement.  Perhaps tha tneeds to be more clearly outlined, even shown.  These people literally have their entire bodies taken over by infection, to the point where they begin to degrade even before death.

The entire story is a must read and must absorb.

He goes onto say that he wishes more people would take the vaccine.  

This is reality hitting South Central Texas right in the face.


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