What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep   Brett Kavanaugh

What a total crock of shit that statement is. It’s also an illuminating glimpse into the mindset of the rich. What it says is that the pampered, rich, entitled youth of America will do or say nothing that will tip the fact that they’re just as fucked up as everybody else, maybe more so because of the lack of traditional constraints that life places on the rest of us. Also, it isn’t working out very well right now.

What is happening right now is exhibit 1 in Trump’s vicious war on what he calls the “fake news” media. The whole object of putting the FBI investigation on Brett Kavanaugh into a matchbox was to control strictly what actual information, and how much of it, is turned over to the Senate on Friday. Kind of like ensuring the success of a scientific test by creating positive outcome parameters to the test itself.

This would most likely work like a charm, if the investigation and the resulting debate in the Senate took place in a vacuum. But look what’s happening instead. Every day brings new revelations on the pages of newspapers, and on news shows. I said in a recen t article that while Brett Kavanaugh may have a rather wide “social circle,” he doesn’t seem to have very many close friends. Former classmates and “friends” are falling from the skies, like acorns in a fall thunderstorm, to plunk on Brett Kavanaugh’s head. They are calling the FBI to drop a dime on Kavanaugh, and when they can’t get through to hthem quickly enough, they are turning to the media to get their stories and information out.

This is deadly to Kavanaugh, Trump, and McConnell. I think it would be safe to say that any final report submitted to the Senate and the White House would promptly be classified as “Senate confidential” information. This wold allow McConnell and the GOP Senators to claim with impunity that nothing conclusive had been uncovered, since the information would never see the light of day publicly.

But that won’t work now. In coming forward to the media with their stories, these people are getting at least as much, if not more, information than the FBI will turn over to the Senate in its final report on its investigation. Any attempts by the GOP dominated Senate to say that no negative information had been uncovered wold be seen as ludicrous on its face.

This is a brutal slap to Kavanaugh and the GOP for another reason. 36 years after the fact, and especially with the investigation restricted to one week, I think it safe to say that there is little chance that a conclusive link to the sexual assault can be found. But thanks to the Democrats doing a great job of hammering at Kavanaugh’s credibility and honesty, his testimony, not only in this hearing, but previous Senate hearings as well, is now in question.

And Brett Kavanaugh fucked up. With his overpowering sense of entitlement and superiority to the rest of us mere mortals, Cavanaugh broke the cardinal rule of bullshit. He spoke in absolutes. By denying ever having indulged in any personally embarrassing conduct, he denied activity that many people may well have been disposed to forgive him for as regards to his drinking. And he did it under oath. One or two former classmates coming forward to dispute him could be fobbed off as “sour grapes” accusations from people with a  personal axe to grind. But once you get to double digits, that excuse gets a whole lot harder to pull off.

This is important because Kavanaugh is a terrible nominee. He is pompous, arrogant, demeaning, and arrogant. Vut he’s a total pain in the ass for the GOP Senators. Like Trump, he seems to have a habit of saying something obviously untrue, and then daring you to do something about it. But Kavanaugh is not Trump. He is underwater in popularity, and even safe GOP Senators may come under pressure from vulnerable congressional incumbents in their state to dump Kavanaugh to at least try to stem the bleeding of white, suburban women voters.

Yes, the FBI background check investigation is important. But equally, if not more important is the fact that the final report is not going to be the only source of information that Senators have available to them. And several Senators are starting to publicly draw lines in the sand regarding Kavanaugh’s honesty to the committee. The ultimate question going into the vote may well end up being how much corroboration, even if only in the media, about Kavanaugh’s apparent in again, off again relationship with the truth, is enough to make them decide that they can’t vote to confirm him. Don’t touch that dial.


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