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Via RawStory, Los Angeles Times White House correspondent Eli Stokols was on MSNBC yesterday talking about private conversations he’s been having with unnamed Republican lawmakers.

“And there is some understanding, I think, inside the White House of just how dark it may be getting, especially in terms of conversations — private conversations — that people there are having with Republicans on the Hill who are starting to be concerned,” Stokols reported.

“Republican lawmakers who are — have a huge role to play in this if it goes forward — are starting to tell me privately, some of them, that, you know, if there’s obvious evidence, the bottom is going to fall out,” he explained.

“They’re not going to be able to stand by this White House…”

The qualifier is “if there’s obvious evidence” — but we know there is.

Here’s the vid; these words come after a clip from former US Attorney and man who once thought he’d be Vice President Chris Christie about how the language of the sentencing documents released last Friday is very confident, which in his experience shows that the prosecutors have more witnesses and stronger evidence than they’re showing.  Stokols goes on to say that the investigations can’t be stopped since they involve multiple prosecutors, not just the Special Counsel. “This train has left the station, there’s nothing this White House can do about it.”  Finally, the clip quotes Dem Rep. Jerry Nadler noting that Individual-1 now faces triple legal jeopardy, not just collusion (correction: conspiracy) and obstruction, but that he was “at the center of a massive fraud against the American people.”

Massive fraud against the American people — Dems should repeat these words over and over.


Republican support, especially in the Senate where they retain a majority, is Individual-1’s only defense and only hope.  The flip side of our ongoing frustration with relentless GOP support for him no matter how obscene his actions is that when it goes, he’s toast.  And GOPers have their fingers in the wind.  The corporate media has been incrementally forced by the legal filings of Mueller and the other investigating prosecutors into taking TrumpRussia seriously, which will force many more Americans to take it seriously, posing a very big problem in 2020 for GOP lawmakers who want to keep their jobs.

Because I think, despite everything we say here about the other side, that your average American of either party doesn’t think the nation should have a crooked president put there by a Russian dictator.  I think Individual-1’s continuing support from a stubborn base is not based on their being okay with that as much as in denial about it, and that denial is slowly being peeled away.

Prediction: when the bottom does fall out, GOP knives are going to come out so fast and plunge so deep that Individual-1 won’t know what hit him, as the Republican Party tries desperately to save itself by disavowing him.

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