This is old news, but it is only now getting media attention.

In December 2020, the defeated Republican Electoral College slates from six states submitted forms to the Senate and National Archives claiming that they had won, and had delivered their states Electoral College votes to Trump and Pence.  Each of these forms began:

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, being the duly elected and qualified Electors for President and Vice President of the United States of America from the state of…

They were not duly elected, of course.  In each case their state’s Secretary of State had determined that the other slate of electors had won.

I am not familiar with the group American Oversight.  They appear to have done the most work here, filing Freedom of Information requests and obtaining copies of the fraudulent filings.  Their coverage is here.

The Republican electors from Pennsylvania also sent in their votes, but described their report as provisional, depending on whether courts determined that Trump had won the state.  (Perhaps they consulted a lawyer before filing.)

These are the people who attempted this fraud:


Nancy Cottle

Loraine Pellegrino

Tyler Bowyer

Jake Hoffman

Anthony Kern

James Lamon

Robert Montgomery

Samuel Moorhead

Greg Safsten

Kelli Ward

Michael Ward


Joseph Brannan

Mark Amick

James “Ken” Carroll

Vikki Consiglio

Carolyn Fisher

John Downey

Gloria Godwin

David Hanna

Mark Hennesy

Brad Carver

Cathleen Latham

Daryl Moody

Burt Jones

David Shafer

Shawn Still

C. B. Yadav


Kathy Berden

Myra Rodriguez

Meshawn Maddock

John Haggard

Kent Vanderwood

Marian Sheridan

James Renner

Amy Facchinello

Rose Rook

Hank Choate

Mari-Ann Henry

Clifford Frost

Stanley Grot

Timothy King

Michele Lundgren

Ken Thompson

New Mexico:

Jewll Powdrell

Deborah Maestas

Lupe Garcia

Rosie Tripp

Anissa Ford-Tinnin


Michael McDonald

James DeGraffenreid

Durward Hindle III

Jesse Law            

Shawn Meehan

Eileen Rice


Andrew Hitt

Kelly Ruh              

Carol Brunner

Edward Grabins

Bill Feehan

Robert F. Spindle Jr.

Kathy Kiernan

Darryl Carlson

Pam Travis

Mary Buestrin

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