The Blame Game 2.0

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/Shutterstock (10457627b) President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Room of the White House in Washington, announcing that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the shadowy leader of the Islamic State group who presided over its global jihad and became arguably the world's most wanted man, is dead after being targeted by a U.S. military raid in Syria Trump, Washington, USA - 27 Oct 2019

All I can do is to shake my head, you might not believe that it’s true   Jim Croce  Working at the car wash blues

I’m going to replay this in slow motion, because it actually happened pretty quickly, and I want you to be able to see the almost acrobatic grace that went into this particular play.

A couple of days ago, following a complete and utter absence of anything even vaguely resembling federal leadership since New Years Day, the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington state announced that they were collaborating on ways to simultaneously start the process of normalizing life in their states again once conditions allowed. The same day, the governor of New York announced that he, along with the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut were also scheming towards a combined return to normalcy. That number quickly drew to most of the Eastern seaboard.

Trump’s response was predictable. His Lowness spent an hour steaming like a clam, while Bloomingdale’s Barbie whined in the background about wanting to help reopen the economy, and then trundled out behind the podium to announce that it was he and he alone, and not any stupid governors, who would decide when and how to reopen the economy..This was his imperial right cuz, the presidency and stuff.

So far, so good, but watch closely, because here’s where the sleight of hand comes in. This provokes the governors to holler states rights, and since Trump didn’t helo to shut it all down, or take any of the shit for it, he sure as hell wasn’t going to take the credit for reopening anything. To which Trump grumpily replied, Fine, fuck it. He’ll proudly proclaim the country open for business again, and coordinate with the governors, but it’s really their show.

Did you catch the palming of the ace-of-spades there? Trump threatens Trump threatens to reopen the government on his own terms, which causes the governors to tell him to fuck off. Trump insists he’s going to reopen the economy on his own terms, but leaves the implementation up to the individual governors. Viola! Welcome to The Blame Game, Trump version.

If there has been one constant to Trump’s behavior during this crisis, iy has been to run like a scared 6 year old from anything having even the vaguest whiff of blame or responsibility attached to it. Trump is under the gun over the collapsing economy, and his falling approval numbers, he autocratically announces he’s reopening the country and economy on May 1st, which leaves his ass swinging in the breeze if things go tits up..When the governors balk, he restates his position, and then lays the implementation on the governors.

Mission accomplished. Trump now has his scapegoats. Trump can parade around like some conquering pocket Caesar, announcing the reopening of the country to a tired and frazzled population, and when the whole thing turns into a cluster fuck, he lays the blame at the feet of the governors, most of them Democratic, for mucking up his beautiful plan. In fact, Trump now has himself not one, but three different scapegoats lined up like the spring lambs for slaughter.

The Governors – The governors of this country, most notably Democratic governors, have been a pain in Trump’s ass since this whole thing started. They have held him responsible for their shortages, for his lack of coordinated response, as well as being an all around dipshit. The media has used this to build daily pressure on the Trump administration, especially as both the infection count, as well as the fatality count have spiraled out of control. For Trump’s plan to work, he desperately needs the largest states in terms of financial strength, California and New York to go along. When they don’t, and everything falls apart, especially the stock market, Trump will blame them for purposely torpedoing his grandiose plan.

The Media – If the governors have been a pain in Trump’s ass, the media has been just as big a pain in his neck. The media has taken every opportunity to hold Trump’s feet to the fire for his own administrations response, and has spent, in his mind, 24/7 trying to bring him down. They almost bubbled with evil malice while explaining that the governors were right, and that El Pendejo Presidente couldn’t reopen the country on his own authority. In the days following May 1st, when Trump’s Grand Reopening Sale blows away like a house of cards next to an open window during a hurricane, and the media duly reports yet another Trump failure, he’ll be loaded for bear to accuse the media of extreme bias in failing to hold the governors accountable for their complete incompetence.

The Democrats – If the governors are a pain in the ass, and the media is a pain in the neck, then the Democrats, and especially House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are a brain embolism. Starting with the emergency medical funding bills, originated in the House, Pelosi and the Democrats have ridden off into the sunset on a white steed as heroes, while Trump languishes mucking out the stalls. And with the financial aid package, the Democrats once again looked like champions for the common man, by forcing expensive things like unemployment insurance improvements, while making it much more difficult for His Lowness to try to fill up Trump Tower with billions of corporate aid money from Munchkins slush fund. When this all comes crashing down around Trump’s ears, look for him to scream hysterically that it’s actually the national Democrats, led by the turncoat traitors Chuck and Nancy, who are actually using the Democratic governors and the media as tools and dupes to make Trump look as bad as possible to try to sink his reelection chances in 2020!

When you’ve been in and around Trump’s head for as long as I have, it reaches a point where you can actually kind of start to connect the dots. And while that knowledge in advance doesn’t do anything to stop the oncoming debacle, I suppose there’s almost a fatal comfort in knowing what’s coming.

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Yes, it doesn’t take a 3 dimensional chess player to figure out trumps escape plan. All it takes is to think how low he can go, then open that man-hole cover down to the sewer then shine the spot light on available options. Just when you think you’ve found those malignant blueprints of his, there’s another man-hole cover. I get no pleasure in saying that, but that’s how you need to think with this guy.


He said he takes no responsibility at all, in front of people, it’s on video, & it needs to be used in every anti-trump ad made with a ticking counter of deaths. Over & over. Him saying there’s a “National Emergency”, & him saying he takes no responsibility at all. That about says it all don’t you think?