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This might be the best thing you’ve read all day: “Team Trump Gleeful That Shutdown Will Hijack Pelosi’s Big Moment.” Yes, apparently the Freedom Caucus maniacs, including Trump’s dogsbody Mick Mulvaney, believe that having a shutdown fight with incoming Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will totally ruin her day.

They clearly haven’t been paying attention. Because this is what sources to the White House have been telling The Daily Beast: “The more the focus is on the wall, the more Pelosi is forced to focus on this fight instead of the investigations. […] It’s a situation where [Trump] has no choice but to shut it down. It’s the best of the worst choices. It’s really the only choice [because] I think there are people who would vote for him today who might not if he gave in too quickly.” Yeah, because voting on him today is totally the point?

Another source says that “Trump has privately predicted that Democratic politicians are ‘screwing themselves’ with voters by resisting his hard-line, restrictionist immigration policies, and not signing on to his wall.” Trump apparently believes that the key to winning over the suburban women he lost this year is keeping them scared out of their wits about immigration. That’s totally missing the fact that they’re more frightened of him taking their kids’ health insurance away than they are of brown people. And that Trump and Republicans are keeping the healthcare problem alive with their horrific lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.

They are also so deep in their Fox News bubble that they’re missing the fact that this will be an even bigger moment for Pelosi with the Democratic base (not to mention the American people who are currently blaming Trump for the shutdown and are overwhelmingly opposed to the wall). When the House with its new big Democratic majority, passes a clean funding bill to reopen the government, Pelosi will definitely have her moment.

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  1. Get him Nancy! We got your back huny, we can’t wait to see you spin his head around. I hate you will have to save his ass to take care of the people!

  2. Go Nancy P. and give it to Trump the incompetent moron. He is so delusional, it isn’t funny anymore. The Republicans are also to blame for whats going on. Mitch McConnell go and retire, you are part of the swamp as weil as Paul Ryan.

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