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The best thing about the Trump Tax Loss disclosureover a Billion dollar Loss in a Decade is not that it is now obvious without Daddy-dearest $400 Million loans, the Donald would be nothing.  It is not that it is now obvious without Papa-Putin’s $300 Million loans — funneled through Deutsche Bank — that the Donald would now be less than nothing.  No rather, the best thing about the Trump Tax Loss disclosure by investigative reporters at the New York Times, is that Donald Trump will no doubt rage that “The Story is Fake!”

And IF

Liar, loser, loud-mouth Trump wants to prove that the latest Times story is “Fake”, all he has to do is release his Taxes, and prove to the world how fake the Times report really is.

(Anyone want to take odds on THAT actually happening?)

It is long past time for Reporters to start such a line of presidential questioning:

If the Trump chain-gang wants to live in a fantasy world of “alternative facts”, then at some point they actually have to provide and produce those “alternative facts”.

Or else risk losing the few remaining Independents, and moderate Republicans, that they might have left.  Those loyal chumps who are looking for any reason at all — not to jump off the Trump bandwagon.

Bizarro-world successful businessman is plainly NOT the reason they were looking for.

News Flash Trump Fans:   Bizarro-world only exists in your imaginations.  It’s kind of like your “fantasy baseball” league that way.

— —

There are NO “alternative facts” — only the Chumps who believe in them — signed your “Alternative fact-less Leader”

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  1. And he calls himself a business man? Boy what a joke. He is such a stupid moron that can’t make deals and looses all his money at the time. Time to get this idiot out of the WH. Don the Con leave most of the American people hate you.

  2. What’s the problem? It’s been Trumps pattern of behavior from the start . Pile lies upon lies , Bullshit baffling brains. Cheating after cheating . A sexual predator, who’s friend is Jeffery Epstein ,” the Rape King” ( 50 girls and counting) . So much so that he gave Acosta ( the lying prosecutor) a cabinet position . Why are we surprised? He’s only living up to his lifelong behavior. Now we have LIBRARY UNIVERSITY’s “ JERRY FALWELLs “ pictures. Has not paid any taxes in years . And advises ,( and helps ) everyone of his super rich friends not to pay any taxes. While every working person pays for his “wall of lies” . It’s likely that 99 percent of the people that voted for Trump , ( those that want to destroy our democracy) , would not be allowed on any of Trumps property’s.


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