This will only take a second or two, but I just had to share it with you! Time just released the cover for their 2020 People of the year award. Smart money was on a montage of front like medical workers in full gear, but this is what will hit the news stands

SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS, TRUMP! One of the biggest rocks ever to stick in Trump’s craw is that in more than 40 years of self described brilliance, His Lowness has never graced the cover as Time’s man of the year. It was bad enough that the hated Obama made it, but when Michelle Obama was named Woman Of The Year, that was the last straw.

This pathetic dotard is so delusional that, if you walk into one of his signature resorts, if you wander around, you’ll see Time magazine covers framed on the walls with Traitor Tot as the recipient. Exactly the same Time Man of the Year covers you can have with your own face on it from a kiosk on the arcade level of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I can’t wait for the enraged 3 am poop tweet, and the soon  to follow Trumper tantrum!

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  1. Thank you for this fabulous article! I would love to send you a piece of art I did on Election Day. Would love to attach it but don’t know how!! If you email me, I will send it to you-you will love it, it’s currently in an art show.

    Thank you,
    Jocelyn DeCrescenzo

  2. Let’s all pitch in and send Donny a TIME Person of the year poster, with a TRUMP figure in silhouette, edge on backlit, to get a glimpse of some facial features, in 3/4 view, you know, artsy fartsy. Invite our favorite TRUMP impersonator Alec Baldwin to do the honors, and right where it should say “Man of the Year” it says in bold block letters, “Waa waa waaaahhhh!”

    Better yet, lets have 1,000 made and on Jan 21, 2021, Donny wakes up to find Mar-A-Lago wall papered in the stuff. I would pay cash money to make them, and more to see the private video of his first setting eyes on them! I’m betting the pay-per-view on this could be worth a billion dollars!

  3. Congrats you two!!! (I can’t believe that Trump was even one of the 4 candidates.) The BEST have clearly, undisputedly, absolutely won!


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