I heard tonight that 15 democrats are not running for re election.  I heard Jackie Speier being the latest announcing this disturbing news.  There are 10 republicans not running and they are trying to run off Liz Cheney.   Now I have never been a Cheney fan but I call right when right is right and Liz Cheney has been right on all of this impeachment and Jan 6th nonsense.  There is no telling how many secretary of states, and state representives have dropped their run.   ‘


Congresswoman Jackie Speier of San Mateo Co. won’t run for re-election

Did Trump do all this?  I think he was the main culprit.   We cannot have all of these public servants leave but who could blame them?  They get death threats.   They get harrassments.   Their families are being threatned.   We are not about to lose democracy.  WE are losing it everyday,

Can you imagine Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy being the moderate ones in congress?  The Crazy Q’s and Marjorie Taylor Greensnots are taking over our legislative agendas.  

America, we are in deep trouble.

We will lose Rachel at MSNBC and we have lost Brian Williams.   What is happening ?   We have truth tellers dropping from the airwaves as well.

 Did we not encourage and thank those who stood against traitors enough to stay strong?  This cannot continue.

I have no doubt many of these congresscritters are traumatized.  

I hope 22 does not have the  kind of breaking news that America is being run by insanity in the legislative branch.  We are heading that way in a fast moving way.

Freedom loving Americans need to Stand up…Talk Back…and Stop this madness.  I do not have an answer on how we do that.

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