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Sure, fine, whatever. Of course the largest Republican political donor of the 2018 elections (and of Trump’s own 2016 campaign) gets a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Miriam Adelson, wife of Nevada casino kingpin Sheldon Adelson and partner in his mega-donations toward bending whatever American election they want to bend in whatever direction they want to bend it, is indeed a philanthropist in that she donates money to philanthropic causes as most actual (as opposed to reality-show) rich people do, but there are a lot of people who fit that description and only the Adelson family also just happens to have donated over $100 million toward trying to save Republican behinds in the 2018 midterm elections, so there ya go.

But Adelson’s medal reflects a growing pattern: one of Trump awarding a large majority of such medals and even pardons to supporters, to Republicans, and to recipients who fit his political agenda.Of the 15 pardons/commutations and Medals of Freedom that Trump has given, nine have gone to such recipients. Of the 11 such awards given to living people, eight have been politically oriented.

Doesn’t hurt that the Adelson’s definition of “Freedom” matches up remarkably closely with Trump’s self-serving version.

Adelson owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and his wife is the current publisher of the Israel Hayom newspaper. Both have been criticized for skewing coverage to suit their political views, and to support their businesses.

If you wanted more Freedom, dear American peasantry, you should have bought it yourself. Now enjoy our casinos.

Anyhoo, this isn’t even vaguely surprising. This is just how things work now, in the Republican Party. If you donate a hundred million dollars to Republican causes you are a defender of freedom, if you attempt to keep counting votes after a Republican has declared himself an election winner you are doing fraud, and if you are murdered in your church, school, synagogue, concert or bar by a crazy person who never, ever should have been allowed to own a weapon of mass murder you are, my dear patriots, expendable.

Again, though, enjoy those casinos.

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  1. Well we know money can’t buy happiness, but as we can see it can buy a Medal of Freedom. God I hate the rich. At least we won’t have to deal with them in heaven.

  2. As if the Presidential Medal of Freedom hasn’t been cheapened enough, now a PMF and five bucks will get you a latte at Starbucks.


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