I have to apologize. Yesterday I wrote a story about Trump’s latest flabby argument for building his southern border wall: namely that the Obamas have a wall around their home, so there should also be a wall blocking a small portion of our giant border because, you know, those walls are so similar in so, so many ways.

Silly me! I forgot the first rule of Trump Club: “If Trump says something, assume it’s a lie unless you have clear evidence in hand to verify it.”

That’s an idiotic comparison, and it’s made all the more idiotic by the fact that the Obamas don’t have a f#@king wall around their D.C. home!

From The Washington Post:

Trump’s assertion came as a surprise to two of the Obamas’ neighbors Monday, who told The Washington Post that there is no such wall. The 8,200-square-foot structure, despite several security features, is completely visible from the street.

A neighbor, a longtime resident of the area who spoke on the condition of anonymity to preserve their privacy, said Trump “has a very active imagination.”

“There’s a fence that goes along the front of the house, but it’s the same as the other neighbors have,” the neighbor said. “It’s tastefully done.”

Uh, excuse me, but I’m going to need to see the long-form building permit before I can decide if what these neighbors are saying is true. Because, you know, fake news. And Kenya. And socialist! And tan suit! OH, MY GOD, THE TAN SUIT! What will we tell our children?

So, once again, Trump just made something up out of whole cloth. Or one of Alex Jones’ gay frogs whispered it in his ear or something.

Of course, Trump has access to satellite imagery and a vast network of highly trained spies … so you’d think he’d know if a former president has a 10-foot wall around his house.

I don’t know. Just a thought.

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  1. but there is an 8-foot wall around obammys house something the lefty write of this fake news left out, why don’t you and the other liars, and truth twisters write real news instead of your made up version


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