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It was the summer of 2017. Donald Trump was getting really bent out of shape because Robert Mueller’s special investigation into foreign meddling in our elections was well underway, and the news leaking out did not show Donald Trump in a good light.

One day later, Sen. Lindsey Graham rode into the hallways of the Senate on his high horse and had this warning for the country.

Graham: You know the president has the right to fire anybody in his cabinet. As a human being I think he should show some respect for Jeff Sessions, as a person. Jeff Sessions was the most loyal supporter of Donald Trump, he’s a rock-solid conservative, but the reason I like him so much is I often disagree with him but I’ve never believed that he was a man who lacks integrity or a sense of fair play. This effort to basically marginalize and humiliate the Attorney General is not going over well in the Senate.

If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be  holy hell to pay.

Graham also said this empty thing.

Any effort to go after Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, unless Mueller did something wrong. I’m working on legislation that I will introduce next week with Republicans and some Democrats. I think you get all the Democrats. I hope I get a good number of Republicans that will say the following: A special counsel cannot be fired when they were impaneled to investigate the president or his team unless you have judicial review of the firing.

And he said this:

The idea that that the president would fire Mueller or have somebody fire Muller because he doesn’t like Mueller or Mueller’s doing something he doesn’t like can’t be—then we become Russia.
Well, here we are Senator Graham. Are you a mouse or a man?
Update: He’s a mouse.

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