That time Donald Trump tweeted about ‘weak leadership’ leading to riots

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The Ring of Fire / YouTube

The Trump Twitter Archive is a beautiful thing. Want to find a treasure trove of Trump hypocrisy? It’s all here.  And as we all know, there’s a tweet for simply every occasion. Like this one from 2014:

Mwah! Perfect!


Yes, Archie Bunker Boy tweeted that more than five years ago, before scurrying to his hidey-hole to avoid reality.

Since there’s no point in building a Trump presidential library, as neither Trump nor any of his fans read or understand history, maybe they could raise money for a Trump Panic Room instead. Visitors could enjoy a meticulous re-creation of the place Donald Trump spent the most effective hours of his presidency — in a White House basement bunker paralyzed by chaos and shame.

Or here’s another idea: The Secret Service could stash Trump away in his bunker and just keep saying, “Oh, they’re still out there, Mr. President. We’ll let you know when the time comes. We’re looking at January 2021 at the earliest.”

Pence could fill in for a while, right? He’s a nut, but at least his cray-cray is compartmentalized.


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I’m thinking we weld the door shut and make it a time-capsule to be opened in 2120, with the understanding that we’ve sequestered the biggest talking rectum in history for future scientific research.

Of course, we allow food and water in, and we video interactions for posterity, future scumbuckets get some sense of what happens when you screw up bad enough.