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Well, you knew it was just a matter of time. It seems a woman boarded an international flight in Atlanta with a gun and ammunition in her carry-on. Mind you, she didn’t mean to do it. She even alerted the cabin crew to the problem after she realized what she had done. She was denied permission to enter Japan and sent back to the United States on the same day.

While you really have to wonder what kind of person can forget that they’re carrying a deadly weapon and ammunition, unfortunately, it seems that the answer is simply “an American.” However, what should matter quite a bit more is that nobody stopped her until she brought the issue to everyone’s attention. She went right through security screening in Atlanta without so much as a warning.

They just plain missed it.

This is what happens when you expect people to work without pay. They get resentful. They get lazy. They slip up. If they are working overtime, again without pay, because so many of their co-workers are calling in sick or looking for a job where they might actually get, you know, a paycheck, then they are just that much more likely to slip up.

And miss a gun.

And bullets.

In a carry-on.

As for the Japanese reaction?

Describing both cases as “serious incidents,” the transport ministry asked U.S. transportation security authorities on Jan. 4 to take necessary preventive measures.

What kind of measures?

Why don’t we start with paying the screeners and, I don’t know, maybe even opening the government?

But this, apparently, is how Trump is keeping us safe.

Just imagine if this were not a mistake and that woman had something else altogether in mind. She could have brought that plane down.

This shutdown never should have happened and Trump and McConnell are going to be responsible when inevitably there is a major incident.

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