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Big thanks to Andrew Feinberg correspondent for Breakfast Media for this account of Trump’s conversation with the troops today, some of which could be tacked onto the articles of impeachment.


This is the initial Tweet:

Following is a Thread Reader App unroll of the rest of Andrew’s tweets.

“Big big progress has been made” against ISIS, @realDonaldTrump says.
Pretty sure he just congratulated Air Force members on the call for “destroying hundreds of ISIS”
He appears to be reading from a script (with ad libs)
Describes Coast Guard’s work during hurricanes as “good branding.”

“The coast guard has really become a symbol of strength and perseverance and toughness and really, genius.”

Compares USGC “A” school to @Wharton School of Finance.

This whole fiasco is just representative of absurdly poor planning. At the very least it would’ve been easy to set up a videoconference.
Now he’s ad-libbing about “having a very powerful border now,” says “we’re not letting anybody in, really.” Adds “we’re going to make sure they’re all the right people.”

Bashing the courts to the military. Says “it’s a terrible thing…a disgrace” for judges to rule on security.

Asks @USCG officer “how are they feeling about trade” in mid-east.
“There’s no brand like the coast guard that has gone up in the last couple of years,” he says, adding a recent hurricane “was more violent in terms of water than anything we’ve ever seen.”
Addressing an Army Colonel by her first name, says “tell me a little about yourself…”
“How are you finding things in Afghanistan right now?”

The commander-in-chief is making small talk with overseas-deployed troops. Asks her how many people she’s commanding, she answers, says it’s “fantastic,” “really beautiful.”

He once again addresses a Colonel by first name.
Does it again with a Navy Captain.

He appears to have suggested the U.S.S. Gerald Ford will be heading to Hong Kong, is complaining about the EMALS catapults on the Ford, trying to prompt the USS Ronald Reagan’s captain to bash it.

He doesn’t get the answer he is looking for, as the Reagan’s captain replies to his crack about needing an “Albert Einstein” to run EMALS by noting the ship operates nuclear reactors.
Now he’s asking why the Reagan is forward-deployed, making it obvious he has no idea why.
Next breath he says “I know everything about what everyone is doing.”
Now tells reporters 9th Circuit rulings are “very unfair to the people of our country, because I’m keeping them safe.”
Now mispronounces “concertina wire” — twice in same sentence.
Says litigants “can file at any place in the country” by filing suits in 9th Circuit, which any lawyer will tell you is absurd. Suggests that the military will not accept decisions made by American courts.
Incorrectly gives Saudi Arabia and himself credit for low oil prices, says price dropped because he called the Saudis.
Good on @jdawsey1 for pressing him on the @CIA “high confidence” assessment re MBS ordering the murder of Jamal #Khashoggi.
Says without Saudis, we wouldn’t have a large base in Middle East (our main base is in Qatar, which the Saudis tried blockading), says Israel would have problems without Saudi Arabia, ignoring most of Israeli history.
“My policy is America First,” @realDonaldTrump says immediately after giving a obsequious, credulous defense of MBS.
He is now repeating that “nobody has done more for the military than I have,” says many generals have gone on TV to defend him (not true), adds that “nobody has done more for veterans” (he recently suggested vets w/ PTSD are weak).
Suggesting Central American migrants in Tijuana are starting fights, in reality they were attacked. Says military can use lethal force (illegal under Posse Comitatus) and “over 500” are criminals.

Also lies about “closing the border.”

He’s now telling @jdawsey1 that he will “close the border” if it can’t be “controlled,” says Mexico won’t be able to “sell their cars” (the cars are often American cars).
Now @realDonaldTrump says a December shutdown “could happen” over border security, attacks a judge “for taking law enforcement into his own hands,” calls ruling “shocking.”

He’s again lying about having given an order to “shut down the border.”

“I’ve helped to create a country that is doing better economically,” @realDonaldTrumpsays.
Another lie: “we’ve picked up trillions of dollars in value.”

Says he has made the US a tremendous economic power since taking office.

Now he’s repeating the absurd lie that China is “paying us billions of dollars a month” from tariffs.

Tariffs are paid BY AMERICANS.

Now says Matt Whitaker “is a highly respected, strong person.”

Says “everyone who leaves the Trump administration has come out really well,” cites Hope Hicks as example.
Asked if he talked to @IvankaTrump about emails, says “her records are at the historical society.”
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