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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Sen. John Cornyn, who just happens to be up for reelection next year, thinks it’s clever to joke about Donald Trump’s concentration camps. Here’s his reaction to the news that Bank of America won’t work with private companies that run the detention facilities.

A spokesperson for Bank of America said it’s been in contact with those clients over employee and client concerns about “their contractual and humanitarian responsibilities,” concerns that apparently haven’t been answered to the bank’s satisfaction since it’s severing ties.

So one of the evilest of all of the Wall Street players has decided that these private detention contractors are just too evil to associate with anymore, and that’s a bridge too far for Cornyn.

Texas, you’ve got to do better.


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  1. Yes, that’s cornyn, another pro-russian senator that doesn’t care of real human values. I have been writing letters to him as my state senator regarding this atrocius administration, just to receive replies from his office that he does the best for his people. But his people are the russians, not Texans. And the same is the other traitor of cruz. When texas is going to realize we have two senators and a state government commanded by the gop that is as good as cow manure, sorry for insulting the manure….


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