From Forney, TX.  An example of what happens when black people try to live while black.  Now we have a family facing charges that make no sense, and a deputy who seems to have learned nothing, or perhaps everything, from Derek Chauvin.

A disturbing video that has gone viral has a family fighting for justice after they claimed a teen and her mother were brutally accosted and assaulted on Tuesday by a rookie Kaufman County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy.

Antanique Ray, 41, and her daughter 18-year-old Nekia Trigg, were both arrested and jailed after someone reportedly called police on Trigg for walking and jumping through cars in traffic in a Forney neighborhood, the Dallas News reports.

On the seven-minute video that is making its rounds on social media, the mother can be seen approaching the sheriff’s deputy, who is reportedly named Conner Martin, as he bears his body weight down on Trigg who is lying on the grass, on her back, and taking on the brunt of the white man’s weight on her stomach and chest area.

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Ray tells the deputy that he doesn’t have to restrain Trigg, but he says that she was trying to jump in front of cars.

As another deputy walks up with handcuffs, Ray squeezes her daughter’s hand and asks her to stay calm. Someone on the video expresses concern for Trigg’s welfare, noting that it looks as if she’s foaming at the mouth as she says she can’t breathe.

The deputies roll Trigg over and cuff her hands behind her back, then raise her to her feet and begin walking her into the street. Ray walks with them, and the deputies tell her to let go of her daughter.  According to Newsweek, the woman who captured the video and posted it to Instagram said, “Nekia was simply walking home and somebody called the police & said she was trying to jump in front of cars.”


Forney is a city in Kaufman, County, about 20 minutes east of Mesquite, a larger suburb in Dallas.  It is no stranger to embarrassing racial incidents.  A bit over a year ago:

FORNEY, Texas — Forney ISD officials revealed today that they are aware of a video circulating social media of students taking part in underage drinking that has been deemed racists.

In the snapchat video clip obtained by, five students are shown toasting one another with bottles of liquor as they recite a chant in unison that ends with a racial slur.

Texas is not unlike a large part of America in that there are more enlightened urban/exurban areas and absolute no-go sundown type towns, especially in east Texas. 

The Sheriff’s office says the incident is under investigation, and asked the public to please stop calling because the calls were “unmanageable.”

To that I say, so is suffocation.


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