Sheriff Troy E. Nehls / Facebook fu trump...
Sheriff Troy E. Nehls / Facebook

Fort Bend County (Texas) Sheriff Troy Nehls wants to find the owner of the above pictured GMC Sierra and charge him with disorderly conduct, or maybe all-cap shouting Anglo-Saxon in public….whatever charge he can gin up.

NY Daily News 

“A Texas sheriff says he could throw the book at a driver over his limited vocabulary and dislike for President Trump.

“F— Trump and f— you for voting for him,” reads the sticker on the back of a GMC Sierra broadcast via Facebook by Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls.

What the message lacks in wit it apparently made up for in offense, with Nehls saying he had received “numerous calls regarding the offensive display” from citizens hoping that the driver’s foul mouth and truck can be washed clean by the law.

The sheriff southwest of Houston put out a call for information, saying that a prosecutor had already told him that she could bring disorderly conduct charges.”

Eschewing the comedic possibilities of a sheriff and all his deputy law dogs taking to Facebook to locate a white pick up with F**K Trump” emblazoned on its back window, I will only say that, as the article points out, that courts have already weighed in on whether the colorful verb is protected speech in the case of a citizen wearing a “F**K the Draft T-Shirt in 1971…

…it is.

But taking a page from the Republican playbook I will also add a whataboutism, suggesting that the sheriff turn his law enforcement prowess to drivers sporting a sticker with a five-letter Anglo-Saxon noun for a female canine in reference to HRC that I am sure many of his constituents display.

Lock THEM up.

Just kidding…

…that’s protected speech too.

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