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Another day, another grotesquely hypocritical “Christian” leader goes down. The Steadfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas was once pastored by a man name Donnie Romero. If you don’t remember Donnie Romero, he was the pastor who said he was “praying” for the deaths of the critically injured victims of the Florida Pulse nightclub shooting. A really spiritual guy. In a shocking* turn of events, Romero announced the following to his flock last week, at an hour long meeting of the congregation. He was very weepy.

Romero: I just want to let you guys know that I’m stepping down as the pastor of Steadfast Baptist Church. I haven’t been running my house well. I’ve been a terrible husband and father. I’m the one at fault in the situation. My wife and my kids they’re not to blame. I love Steadfast Baptist Church. I love my family. This is the best decision for my family in this church, to make. We plan on staying here as members of this church.

Hasn’t been “running” his house well? Terrible father and husband? Is now former-Pastor Romero talking about “sinning”? Subsequently, another Steadfast pastor, Steven L. Anderson, posted an explainer video with a more detailed explanation of what had actually just transpired.

Anderson: Donny Romero has stepped down as pastor of steadfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas there was a big meeting about it on Wednesday night at church he basically at the beginning of the service announced that he was stepping down.
Pastor Steven L. Anderson follows up with the flock
Yes, we got that much. Before giving some of the details of Romero’s fall from grace, Pastor Anderson made this mention about the meeting.
Anderson: We didn’t go into detail as to what the actual specific sins were that disqualified pastor Romero. Why he needed to step down and part of that is because, you know, his wife and kids are there; and and this had nothing to do with his wife or kids. This is him. These are sins that he committed.
I understand that you don’t want to put his wife and kids in front of the congregation and talk about the details, but this has everything to do with his wife and kids. If Romero didn’t have a wife or kids, this would not be the same issue. From there, Anderson proceeds to basically tell the entire world the stuff he said Steadfast was protecting Romero’s wife and children from. I don’t blame Anderson for messing this up, but I also have very little patience for shithead preachers who condone hypocritical homophobic ghouls and their charlatan’s lack of consistency across the board.
Anderson: I’m just gonna mention, you know, what the sins were without going to detail. Basically the the major sin involved was being with prostitutes. And then there were also marijuana and gambling that were also discovered.
Romero follows in the vile footsteps of other religious hypocrites. You might remember Georgia Pastor Ken Adkins from back in the summer of 2016, arrested on two child molestation charges. Shortly after the Orlando, Florida, Pulse nightclub shooting, in June of 2016, Adkins announced to the world that the people killed in the shooting had “deserved” being killed. He’s a suspected child molester. I wonder what child molesters deserve? Maybe Adkins and Romero can get together and pray themselves into oblivion?
You can watch both the Romero resignation and the Anderson explanation in videos below the fold.
*Not shocking.

Here’s Romero’s resignation.

Here’s Anderson.

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