Tennessee pediatrician Mike Green has had it with patients who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  Dr. Green tells them to go find another doctor.  I’ll let him explain:

But Dr. Mike Green, a pediatrician and internist at Trinity Medical Associates in Knoxville, delivered a clear message to those who refuse to get vaccinated: find a new doctor.

“It’s the breakup talk. We just need to see other people,” Green said. “You have a right to choose, and I’m not in a position to force you to do anything, but (vaccination) is very important to me.”

Green told Knox News his decision protects other patients like the immunocompromised, who might encounter unvaccinated people in crammed waiting rooms.

He said his clinic is running at full capacity. He and others have been worked to their limit and are tired of talking about medical conspiracy theories.

Green said he has asked patients to find other doctors after they refuse to vaccinate, likening it to leaving a boyfriend or girlfriend due to irreconcilable differences.

Now, he is trying to be gentle in this article and not calling it being “fired.”  It’s a couples breakup is all.  Or to steal a line from that old movie Bell, Book, and Candle, “We are just uncoupling.”

But Dr. Green is done with all the conspiracy theory shit about vaccines that his patients’ families bring to him.  No, he doesn’t quote any of those ignorant, stupid, selfish reasons we have all come to know and despise.  It’s probably covered under HIPAA.

Dr. Green admits that SOMETIMES just bringing up the “breakup” makes some of his patients reevaluate their anti-vaxxer stance.  I guess making it really inconvient on them to find another doctor makes some see the light on vaccines.  And this is what it will take to get these selfish idiots vaccinated:  inconvenience and costs.

I applaud this doctor’s actions, and the most recent announcment by President Biden.  COVIDIDIOTS will have to be forced by circumstances and costs to get vaccinated.  The opportunity cost of finding another doctor is one way to get some to take the vaccine.  

And let’s face it.  COVIDIDIOTS are costing the rest of the vaccinated.  They do not seem to care because they face no penalties, at least not yet.  But fear of losing their jobs is one big step to making them change their ways.  Losing a doctor can be a pain in the ass to a patient.  And frankly, I know that the ACA prohibits charging higher premiums, but what if there was a way to pass the cost of hospital stays by COVIDIDIOTS to those patients?

I’m just thinking outloud, but I applaud Doctor Green’s efforts.

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  1. I posed a question on my Facebook page somewhat similar in reference to what if doctors and healthcare workers refused to treat Covid patients due to the unnecessary contact with unvaccinated people? Of course the Facebook police did not allow this to be printed or seen by others.

    The facts support 95-99% of those patients being hospitalized and passing away are refusing to take the vaccine and ultimately placing their healthcare families in jeopardy as well as themselves.

    Because we are a civilized group in contact with one another, it becomes necessary for the benefit of everyone to mandate the public to take the Covid vaccination to help stop the pandemic onslaught.

    Why do some people continue to believe the incessant conspiracy theories and myths without attempting to learn the scientific facts for their own benefit?


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