Ted Cruz tried to explain science to AOC, but he inconveniently forgot he’s an idiot

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Oh, it’s like shooting transitional fish fossils in a barrel.

First, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rightly pointed out that Mike Pence is to science as Donald Trump is to leafy green vegetables:

Of course, Ted Cruz thought he had his boy’s back:

Not sure exactly what he’s trying to get at here. It’s probably some transphobic slur. I don’t happen to speak fluent asshole. Anyway, it did not go as planned for Mr. Science:

Just as Ted Cruz can’t see a Tiktaalik fossil with fish-like and tetrapod-like characteristics, he apparently can’t imagine a woman who uses science for something other than measuring out cake ingredients.

Don’t fret, Ted. Remember that God created aloe on the third day so you could soothe that wicked burn.

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3 Comments on "Ted Cruz tried to explain science to AOC, but he inconveniently forgot he’s an idiot"

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What a fun post/diary to read. Thanks Aldous. Cruz, the stupid, it burns. You’d think he’d learn since she owns him every time and helps him look even more idiotic as if he needs help with that.


Like Dump none of these CONS can handle a woman with brains and wit!


Cruz is an asshole & i love AOC’s comeback to him. People like that need to be put in their place.