As I said in my last article on the subject, this is not a fact. This is a strong conclusion based on an enormous amount of evidence. Since I wrote that last article, more evidence has emerged that paints Reade as a liar with a history of lying, manipulation and fraudulent behavior.

When I taught middle school, we always had at least one serial liar in each class. A typical encounter: they would run to me during homeroom, crying and complaining that Mean Little Johnny pushed them on the bus. By the time I could get the vice principal in to hear the story, they were then claiming that Johnny had punched them in the head. By the time they got to the office to make a formal complaint, they would say that Johnny had them on the floor of the bus, beating, kicking and stomping them. When they were told that no one else saw any of this on the bus, or that we found it odd that their story had changed so drastically in the course of 30 minutes, the tantrum and tears would start. Everyone was against them. We all wanted them to be hurt. We were all on Mean Little Johnny’s side. And so forth.

The parallels between Reade and the class liar/dramatist are clear. I might have believed the initial story — after all, Mean Little Johnny had pushed kids before. But I damn sure didn’t believe the escalated versions, especially after eyewitnesses verified they didn’t see any of the embellished allegations take place. And the drama and waterworks just confirmed what I already believed — that Sad Widdle Jenny (or Billy) was lying their little ass off.

I don’t know what Tara Reade was like in middle school. I do have a better idea what she was like as a Biden staffer. From what I read, she was a poor staffer who was let go for incompetence (if not worse).

PBS interviewed 74 former Biden staffers who worked with him during the time Reade worked on his staff. 62 of the ones interviewed were women. Most don’t remember Reade. The ones who do don’t remember anything about any sort of sexual harassment allegations (remember, the initial version of Reade’s story contains NO allegations of sexual misconduct).

Biden: A Fair and Equitable Boss

The reporters, Daniel Bush and Lisa Desjardins, describe Biden as “a demanding but fair and family-oriented boss, devoted to his home life in Delaware and committed to gender equality in his office. He was not on a list of ‘creepy’ male senators that female staffers told each other to avoid in the elevators on Capitol Hill.” The reporters continue:

None of the people interviewed said that they had experienced sexual harassment, assault or misconduct by Biden. All said they never heard any rumors or allegations of Biden engaging in sexual misconduct, until the recent assault allegation made by Tara Reade. Former staffers said they believed Reade should be heard, and acknowledged that their experiences do not disprove her accusation. … Many said that her sexual assault allegation was at odds with their knowledge of Biden’s behavior toward women. … Many former Biden staffers said they believe Reade’s allegation is false.

Fired for Poor Job Performance, Not for a Sexual Harassment Report

One of the revelations from the PBS interviews is the recollection by former staffer Ben Savage that Reade was initially put on reduced duties because of her inability to do her job, and was eventually asked to resign. Reade worked for less than a year on Biden’s staff. As I documented in the previous article, Reade’s story of her leaving Biden’s staff have changed drastically, from her being asked to leave because of her failure to follow the job’s dress code (which apparently was an issue with her), to her being forced off the staff because of her reports of sexually inappropriate touching by Biden, to her leaving to join her then-boyfriend in the Dakotas, to leaving because of her disgruntlement with American politics and a newfound affection for Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Savage, the office system administrator, whose desk was next to Reade’s, recalls very specifically that Reade was fired for poor job performance. Savage recalls that she had been failing to properly handle constituent mail, a task that they worked on together. Savage reported her failure to perform her duties to his boss, Deputy Chief of Staff Dennis Toner, and Toner saw to it that Reade’s duties were reduced, with some of her tasks given over to Savage.

Savage worked on Biden’s staff from 1993 to 1996. As he recalls, “Of all the people who held that position, she’s the only one during my time there who couldn’t necessarily keep up or who found it frustrating.”

For his part, Toner remembers Savage as an excellent employee, and does not remember Reade at all. “I can’t take issue with Ben saying that her job performance was not up to par. We would have had a discussion with Tara or whomever the employee would have been to see how we could make it work,” Toner says. “I do not recall Tara being in the office. I can’t comment on why she would have left or anything like that.”

Reade, according to her lawyer, Trump donor Douglas Wigdor, has a different view. She was picked on and belittled by the office staff, though he does admit she was “nervous” during her time there and may have made some mistakes in her job. Her performance, he says, “had nothing to do with her termination.”

One of the hallmarks of the Lying Middle Schooler (LMS), remember, are incessant claims of being picked on by fellow students and staff alike. And, Wigdor says, the Biden staffers have an incentive to lie about Reade’s tenure there, because they want to see Biden win the presidency and/or want to curry favor with him. The LMS usually claims that everyone has something to gain by turning against them.

I bet Reade was a box of fun in school.

Check Fraud?

There was a story that Reade may have been fired for committing check fraud during her time on Biden’s staff. A Fox News reporter initially made the claim, but apparently edited the emails he received to conceal the fact that the fraud allegations came from an outside source and not the San Luis Obispo court system.

The fraud charge apparently was real, though the charge was purged by the SLO courts and not readily available.

Ryan Grim of The Intercept then reported that, according to Wigdor, Reade paid off the charge and it was dropped. Wigdor later said he never told Grim that, and says his client doesn’t recall how the charge was handled.

The San Luis Obispo District Attorney later confirmed that the charge was indeed filed against Reade, but the records do not show the ultimate dispensation of the case. Apparently the date of the charge was “on or about August 6, 1993,” two days after Reade’s final day on Biden’s staff. So it is unclear whether the check fraud charge had anything to do with Reade’s termination. It’s also unclear whether the charge document posted on Twitter is accurate.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Reprimanded for Dress Violations?

Reade has long insisted that she was unfairly singled out for her style of dress, and reprimanded for violating the Senate staff dress code. Three fellow staffers later recalled that she asked them whether she was violating the dress code. Two of them recall that she indeed was dressed inappropriately for her job. Reade has a pattern of claiming to be picked on and unfairly targeted for her behaviors and actions. The dress code issue fits right in with her pattern of baseless claims.

A Matter of Architecture

One of the biggest problems with Reade’s allegation against Biden was her claim that the alleged assault took place somewhere in the basement of the Russell Senate Office building, in one of the hallways or tunnels. She has said that it happened “in a semiprivate area like an alcove … somewhere between the Russell (building) and/or Capitol building.” Biden’s office would have been easily accessible to the Capitol by the main hallway under the Russell Building, which leads to a staircase and then a tunnel that allows one to either walk to the Capitol or take a quick internal subway train. There are no alcoves or hidden places where Biden could have mounted his assault, and the amount of traffic in the tunnel and walkway is very high. According to the PBS reporters, several staffers told them “that if Biden did assault Reade in any of these places, it would have been a brazen attack in an area with a high risk of being seen.” The most recent version of Reade’s tale has Biden mauling her in the hallway or tunnel, in full view of anyone walking through, for about 30 minutes. There is no way Biden could have done what Reade says he did without being seen, and Biden is not stupid enough to have tried anything like assaulting a staffer in such a public place. He might as well have dragged her onto the floor of the Senate and had at her.

Reade Reprimanded for Not Serving Drinks at a Fundraiser?

Not likely, staffers say, though Reade apparently included that claim in her official report of sexual harassment that she supposedly filed with the Senate personnel office — the report neither she nor anyone else seems to be able to find. Over 50 staffers say they don’t remember ever attending any fundraisers for Biden in Washington while they were on staff, and moreover, Biden had a policy banning his staff from doing campaign work. Former staffer Melissa Lefko says shortly: “Never would have happened. We all knew there was a very hard line there.” Biden rarely attended events in Washington, many staffers say, preferring to catch the train to Wilmington, Delaware to spend weekends with his family. And, two male former staffers say, Biden didn’t like using women as servers at any events, or performing any menial tasks whatsoever, either in his Senate office or for the committees he chaired. He asked men to do those tasks. Why? Former staffer John Earnhardt, who replaced Reade, recalls, “He didn’t want an image of a young woman staffer serving him.”

Biden’s Treatment of Women Staffers Exemplary, Staffers Recall

Biden treated the women on his staff with dignity, courtesy and restraint, dozens of former women staffers say. He had a strong reputation for hiring women for top positions on his staff where other senators would not. “Biden’s office was known for having women-friendly work policies,” the PBS reporters write. He promoted at least one female staffer while she was on maternity, and helped secure paid family leave for White House employees. Time and time again, female former staffers say they spend countless hours with Biden, often in small one-on-one settings such as his private office in the Capitol, and never experienced any degree of sexually inappropriate behavior. “I traveled with him all over the world, all over the country. I was alone with him all the time,” former Senate and White House aide Elizabeth Alexander says. “Never, ever, ever did I feel uncomfortable.” Biden’s top lawyer on the Senate Judiciary Committee in the early 1990s, Victoria Nourse, recalls a male official making an inappropriate comment to Biden during an airplane flight in 1991. The male official said to Biden about Nourse, “Oh Joe, let me sit next to the pretty girl.” Biden told the official off, Nourse recalls, “making it clear that we were here for work, and that was inappropriate — in a very no nonsense way.” Senate staffer Mary Byrne recalls that a number of male senators had no qualms about putting their hands on female staffers. Biden was not one of them, she says. Liz Tankersley, Biden’s legislative director from 1985-1993, recalls: “You got to know which senators you didn’t want to be on an elevator alone with. No one ever said Joe Biden was one of them.” Indeed, the reporters write: “Around the time Reade alleges Biden attacked her, he was building a reputation as a leading crusader on behalf of women. Biden had already introduced and was pushing for passage of the landmark Violence Against Women Act. In March 1993, he held a hearing on protecting women from stalkers.”

Middle School Behaviors Sometimes Last Forever

It’s my experience as a 25-year veteran of middle- and high-school classrooms that children who spend their time in school lying about other students and engaging in histronics and classroom dramatics to get things they want often continue to perform that way in adult life. I strongly suspect Reade is one of those.

A History of Manipulation and Deceit

Others agree. Politico reporter Natasha Korecki writes that Reade has a history of manipulating and deceiving people in her circle, often for money.

79-year old author and psychologist Harriet Wrye recognized Reade on television when her allegations against Biden went public. She called out to her husband, “Jim, that’s Tara, but she has a different name.” Tara Reade, who then called herself “Tara McCabe,” rented a yurt on their California property and tended their horses for about ten months in 2017. She often came to the couple for help, initially with tales of emotional distress and later asking forgiveness for rent payments or other financial help. She was always on the verge of financial collapse, Wrye recalls. Wrye recalls Reade speaking highly of Biden while she lived on the Wryes’ property, and never mentioned having any problems with the former senator. Reade turned on the couple in her last weeks as a tenant, Wrye recalls: Her husband suffered a brain injury that forced them to sell the property; when they told Reade she would have to leave, Wrye recalls, “She became really difficult. She said, ‘You’re going to have to pay me to get me to leave.'” Wrye, a feminist and social activist, says of Read: “She was manipulative. She was always saying she was going to get it together, but she couldn’t. And ‘could you help her’?”

Korecki interviewed over a dozen others who had similar experiences with Reade. All echo Wrye: Reade spoke favorably of Biden while she was in their orbit, and “left them feeling duped.” Many of them knew Reade through their mutual involvement in the California animal rescue community. They knew her under variants of her name: Tara Reade, Tara McCabe, or Alexandra McCabe. Korecki writes: “[She] laid out a familiar pattern: Reade ingratiated herself, explained she was down on her luck and needed help, and eventually took advantage of their goodwill to extract money, skip rent payments or walk out on other bills.” She usually took advantage of their willingness to help someone they thought was down on their luck.

Attorney Kelly Klett, who rented Reade a room in her home in 2018, says: “You can use these words: manipulative, deceitful, user. Looking back at it all now, that is exactly how I view her and how I feel about her.” When Reade began renting from her, she told Klett she was a victim of domestic abuse and boasted about working for Joe Biden, whom she spoke about in glowing terms, even claiming (falsely) that she had worked with Biden on the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. She asked if she could have a reduced rent; Klett, who represents domestic violence victims, let her stay in her home for $200 a month, which Reade failed to pay. Klett eventually evicted her; Reade left, but took a number of Klett’s law books with her. Klett knows she will never get those books back. Since leaving, Reade has called Klett multiple times to ask for money. Klett refuses. Klett finds Reade’s allegations against Biden bemusing. “In the time that she lived with me in close proximity, there was never one allegation against Joe Biden that was disparaging,” Klett recalls.

Lynn Hummer, the owner of a California horse sanctuary whose experiences with Reade are documented in my previous article, agrees with Wrye and Klett. “She has a problem,” Hummer tells Korecki. Reade, Hummer adds, is “very clever, manipulative. … I do think she’s a liar.”

Austin Chung rented a house to Reade from 2008-2010, and, like Wrye, recognized Reade on television. He recalls telling his wife: “Look, she has gone big time. She’s going after the big fish now.” Chung says Reade, who was calling herself Alexandra McCabe at the time, told him she was fleeing from domestic abuse. (She was apparently referring to her ex-husband, who she received a restraining order against in 1996 and later divorced. The ex-husband has denied he was abusive towards her.) Chung was led to believe Reade had broken up with her husband very recently, and, being moved by her tale, did extra work on the house to prepare it for her and her daughter (her daughter is now an adult). Reade was late with her rent month after month, offering one excuse after another. Chung reduced her rent and tried to work with her, but eventually was forced to evict her. When he entered the house she had been renting, he noted major damage to the floors from animal waste. He estimates Reade cost him thousands of dollars in court-related fees, lost rent and repair costs. He confronted her about the money she owed him, but, he recalls: “She knew exactly what she had done to me and there was no remorse. I knew there was never a chance I’d get my money back.” Chung says he has spoken with Klett and other people who have had problematic encounters with Reade.

Gina Kindscher, the owner of Morning Sun Ranch, has a different recollection of Reade, calling her “a wonderful person” who “became part of my whole family.” Kindscher boarded Reade’s horse for her during 2017, and Reade would “work off” the boarding fees when she could not pay thhem. Read never said anything negative about Biden, Kindscher recalls.

Person after person interviewed by Korecki say that Reade spoke of her time on Biden’s staff in very positive terms, and often exaggerated the period of time she worked for him and the kind of work she did, often falsely claiming to have helped Biden write major pieces of legislation. Wrye recalls: “She presented it as ‘I can get my life together, I worked for Joe Biden. I had a really high-level job. I have that capacity.’ … I’m a psychologist and she confided with me in a lot of things, but not that. She never talked about the sexual assault, period, or anything inappropriate with him.”

Klett was approached by Reade in 2019 after the Grass Valley Union published a story alleging that Biden had made her feel “uncomfortable” by touching her inappropriately. “I felt two things when she contacted me,” Klett recalls, “that she was feeling me out to see if I would represent her pro bono. And there was a sense that she was trying to plant a story with me, so she could later say: ‘I told the story to this attorney I worked with’.” Klett adds:

I support women who have been assaulted. Unfortunately, I cannot support Tara Reade. When she first contacted me regarding this issue, she could not provide enough credible information. And since that time the story has evolved in the media. I question her motives.

Lawyer: Biden’s Staff Like Weinstein’s Defenders

Wigdor says that the documented allegations that Biden engaged in “inappropriate touching” (shoulder pats, hugs that went on too long, hair nuzzling, and the like) are strong indications that Reade’s much-escalated story of being “digitally raped” by Biden for 30 minutes in a highly trafficked hallway in the basement of the Senate are true. Wigdor goes on to make a truly vile comparison of the Biden staffers and Reade critics to the people who initially defended convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein. Wigdor goes on to insult people like Hummer and Wrye who spoke out about Reade, saying that their statements only discourage other (actual) victims of sexual abuse from coming forward. Wigdor falsely claims that it is Biden’s responsibility to disprove the claims, saying that he has refused, and cites Biden’s “unwillingness” to having his records at the University of Delaware reviewed. (Wigdor is presumably aware that no documentation about Reade’s sexual harassment claims will be found in those records.) Wigdor calls the Korecki intervies “degrading and irrelevant inquisition[s].”


So, this article ends how it starts. Tara Reade is a liar.

Why do we care? Because, the far left media is joining with the Trump MAGAts in labeling Biden a “rapist” and “molester.” They intend for this to be the “Clinton emails” of 2020, a false allegation targeting the largest and most solid base of Biden voters: women.

Middle schoolers who lie about Mean Little Johnny rarely care if Johnny goes to juvenile detention over the claims, or otherwise has his life blighted. Reade obviously doesn’t care if Biden’s presidential aspirations are destroyed because of her lies. She’s counting on it.


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  1. This whole allegation sounded off to me when I first read it, considering the fact that Reade waited so long to come forward is worrying, I mean 27 years really? If someone assaulted me I would be at the police station 10 minutes after the attack not wait 27 years to make a report, and I think that most logical thinking people would agree that her story appears bogus at best.

  2. I wish you had put IMO at the beginning of your title. None of us could swear in court that this is nothing but the manipulative actions of a compulsive liar. I would be willing to testify that IMO that’s what it is, but I could not testify to anything else. Would really like to see a forensic workup on her finances. That could prove to be very interesting. I just can’t see someone like this going to all the trouble without getting something out of it. I worked for years doing sexual abuse investigation, was classified as an expert witness in Superior Court in the field. This is not a case I would even consider sending to law enforcement for prosecution. Out of my range anyway because I only worked with juveniles. The story just doesn’t hold water

  3. I have seen this pattern of behavior in only two people over the 50 plus years I have worked with and taken into my home a number of people who truly were down on their luck. This story, as reported, could very well be accurate, including the fact that some people did and do believe her story. It isn’t until you have spent time with such a person that the cracks in their story and behavior appear. When dealing with these people, when first encountering problems with their behavior, many people at first think that what is happening is their fault and that they, the helper, are not being as kind and charitable as they should be. It is only when a certain line is crossed or when other people who have tried to rescue them compare notes that the truth finally comes out.

  4. Never felt she was believable. I’m sure her Trump donor lawyer has impeccable credentials and unbiased views. (Yeah right!)


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