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Surprised no one’s mentioned this yet, but Tara Reade made what can best be described as a curious move late yesterday. Apparently she’d been in talks to give her first on-camera interview since claiming Joe Biden sexually assaulted her—with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” But she abruptly backed out just hours before she was due to start taping.

The woman who accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexual assault reportedly canceled a planned interview with Fox News Sunday.

Tara Reade, a former Biden staffer who accused the presidential candidate of sexually assaulting her in 1993, reportedly canceled a tentative interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, which was scheduled to be recorded on Friday and aired on Sunday.

More details from Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic.

According to Lisa Lerer of NYT, Reade and her daughter were facing death threats, which ultimately made her get cold feet.

Death threats are an outrage, no matter what you think of Reade. Still, it’s rather strange that Reade passed up a golden chance to respond to Biden—and before practically the only host on Fox News who wouldn’t turn it into a softball fest. Indeed, Reade has made clear that she doesn’t want her story weaponized by Team Red.

Couple this with her deafening silence on what appears to damning evidence that she edited an old Medium post to match her claims against Biden—and did so mere hours before going public. Then add the news that her initial Senate complaint contained no mention of sexual harassment. At the very least, this is firmly in “things that make you go ‘hmmm’” territory.

Katie Helper, to whom Reade gave her first interview, says Reade has been doxed.

Posting her real SSN would be several miles over the line, even if Reade is (as I suspect) embellishing at best and lying at worst about her interactions with Biden.

Reade now tells The Wall Street Journal that she wants to give an interview—but isn’t quite ready yet. She says she’s still “digesting and processing everything he said.”

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  1. Why is she always wanting print, why no cameras? She backed her story down before any alleged complaint was even found (i am sure one does not exist). Katie Halper should be ashamed as well that the thinks she will b the next Ronan Farrow. Any new story she brings we will know that she has done zero research on it and just got it from media veritas.

  2. The unfortunate thing about the Tara Reades of the world (and I’m a female) is that she makes every woman with a rock solid complaint who comes after her seem suspect. If Reade had an issue with Biden it should have been aired when she brought up her complaint against him initially, not after he was the last Democratic candidate standing. It leaves one wondering if she’s been paid by the GOP (sorry, but that’s the world we live in these days).

  3. It’s hard to believe anything about
    what she said happened, because it’
    should have come out
    years ago when Biden was chosen for VP
    in Obama’s administration.
    If anything happened ,it was THEN
    that it should have come out .
    Also she had “plenty of time “when the
    ME TOO
    movement was is play . She didn’t, do it makes her hard to believe.
    Now she’s saying it was not a sexual episode.
    She should be very specific about what she’s saying.

    • You are right. There are two issues. Barack Obama is a lawyer. And he would have thoroughly vetted Joe as VP. He would have demanded to see personal files from the senate. Just who he is. Second, it would be illegal for Joe to have anything on anyone’s personal files in his possession. The Delaware papers are irrelevant. But I am sure Joe would consider releasing them if trump releases his taxes and business records. And a side issue. They say just have someone review the records. Who, anyone who looks at them will either not be believed or will leak sensitive info from Joes career.

  4. Well I wouldn’t want her to get indigestion over what Joe said. He said it didn’t happen and he went on to say if it did the records would be in senate records not his. Even though he was a senator, it would be illegal for him to have any personal records. That would be kept where he worked.

  5. You have to wonder if she had to give the money back that the Republican Party, (OR TRUMP) paid her to make that accusation. When you have someone like Trump as president, you have to view every action, from all directions. Anything, and I DO mean anything, is possible.


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