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You know, just like with everything else that doesn’t concern money or gratuitous sex for him personally, Donald Trump is missing the main point of the Russian election interference of 2016. Several GOP incumbents with better than room temperature IQ’s raised the alarm, but since it didn’t deal with making Der Gropinfuror richer, or getting him laid, it went right over Trump’s head.

My allusion to Tantric chants in the title was not sarcastic, it was meant as a seriouos comparison. I became hooked on chants many years ago, when a series of Gregorian chant cassettes became all the rage as a way to reduce stress. The rhythm, tonality and repetition of chants is incredibly soothing, and even todayI regularly use them when I have stress that I feel is not of a kind that is useful or beneficial to me. I am including a video of a Tantric chant at the end of this article so you can hear the similarity for yourself.

Since day one of the Trump-Russia investigation, Trump has been, unintentionally I believe, using a personal version of a Tantric chant. “No collusion, no collusion, no collusion” has been his automatic response to all things Russia. Because Trump’s insecurity is as all inclusive as his stupidity, he is missing the main point of the whole issue.

The simple fact of the matter is that fucking collusion with the Trump campaign was never the main intent of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, if it exists, that was an accessory, not a standard feature. The Russians were as gobsmack stunned stunned as the rest of us on November 8th, 2016, Trump himself included. The Russian interference was set in motion to qccomplish two specific goals. One, to kneecap as much as possible the effectiveness of what they saw as the impending Hillary Clinton Presidency. The other, with carefully timed leaks of their machinations, and another chant of “rigged election, rigged election,” To sew as much discord and distrust for the electoral system in the public as possible. It is because of the complete inability of the Democrats to put forth a unifying, positive message, and the utter contempt of the voters for “politics as usual” that led to Trump, not the carpet bombing of Russian trolls and bots, although they certainly helped.

The Russians must have felt like an 8 year old with an X-Box One under the tree on Christmas morning. A minimum of four years with a finger puppet custom fit for Putin’s blood soaked digits. But it hasn’t worked out that way. Trump has been wonderfully compliant, denying any Russian effect on the election. While Trump may absolutely love the “Central Park five,” the thought of the “Moscow hotel room five” chills his blood. But Trump has failed miserably as a Russian marionette. The sanctions are not gone, in fact, if congress can find a way to hold a gun to Trump’s head to impose the new sanctions they passed by veto proof majorities, they’ve gotten worse. The Mueller investigation has brought unwanted attention on Russian intentions, and the recent indictments have given other western democracies a road map to Russian methods and sources. For Vladimir Putin, just like for Melania Trump, The Donald is rapidly becoming a bigger pain n the ass than he’s worth to them.

But keep your eye on the ball here. Again, what was the main Russian purpose? To sew discord and distrust in the American electoral system. They succeeded admirably there, but not in a way particularly helpful to them. While we may be struggling to keep the lights on, Russian interference has sharpened congressional focus on all things Russian, and focused other democracies on them as well. Thanks to Trump’s over the top buffoonery, existing sanctions are not going anywhere, since congress must vote to relieve them, and harsher sanctions may be imposed.

So, if Putin has already chewed all of the flavor out of the Trump stick of gum, what next? Elementary my dear Watson, interfere some more. Putin already knows that he can’t “collude” with Democrats, they have a compass that doesn’t automatically point due south. But they sure can fuck with Republicans to their hearts content.And give themselves a solid sense of vengeance in doing so, spanking them for their manifest incompetence.

You want to sew more discord, division, rancor and distrust in the American system of governance? How about a nice, big, fat impeachment to paralyze the government? But you’d need a Democratic majority in congress to do that, right? OK, how about a surprise August appearance of a video on Wikileaks, with a fishbowl clad Trump in a Moscow hotel shower? Or a spreadsheet, exquisitely detailing the mechanics of Russian oligarch money laundering through Trump real estate properties? Or, how about the Russians turn the hackers that hit the DNC and John Podesta loose on key GOP incumbents, and start splashing salacious sins and misdeeds all over local district and state newpapers and media outlets, through safe apparently domestic cutouts in, oh, I don’t know, say late September or October? Think the Russians could put a big rocket engine behind the building blue wave and turn it on, adding even more force to the upcoming tsunami?

And you know what the best part is from the Russian perspective? They’re bulletproof. Not only has Trump played the “no collusion” mantra 24/7, he has followed it up with an encore that Russian interference didn’t alter the outcome of the election. Even if GOP incumbents start righteously screaming about Russian interference, with proof, Trump has no choice but to dispute them and call them idiots and sore losers. For Trump to acknowledge the possibility of Russian interference in those races would be to admit that they could have effected his own electoral outcome, something he cannot do. And it becomes even worse, since Trump’s chant of “no collusion” has thoroughly soaked into his followers, any protests of non Trumpista candidates or incumbents or candidates will fall on deaf ears with them.

So, there you have it. If the Russians want to continue to meddle, thanks to Trump’s blind insistence in denying it even happened, they’re free to do so to their hearts content. Messing with Democrats won’t do anything, they’re already in the minority, and the GOP has already proven that they can’t help Russia in the current iteration. But messing with the Republicans sure as hell can muddy the waters some more. And the waiter has just brought the water glasses, the chips, and the salsa. All the Russians have to do now is to sit back, and choose their main entrees and side dishes from the menu. Here’s the Tantric chant I promised you.

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  1. The soulless Repubs have been asleep at the wheel since forever. They just now put it on daily display. So sad our country is being ruined by these treasonous idiots. Hoping for a Blue Tsunami in November!!

  2. Truer words, but I think the Rethugs have been awake and driving down the highway very nicely, it’s their brainless supporters who have been asleep at the wheel…GOTV!!!


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