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Sen Johnson knows that this:

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, head of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, focused relentlessly on a reference to the “secret society” he said came from Page, and linked it with what he said was a whistleblower’s account that there had been “secret off-site meetings” involving “a number of high level, FBI officials,” though he declined to identify the officials involved or whether the potential whistleblower worked at the FBI.


will lead to this: (From a site I won’t link, OP to long thread)

Looks like some big exposures coming out in some official records.
Things like secret societies inside the DOJ and FBI !
Comey and Lynch “coordinating” to protect Hillary Clinton and the Obama legacy !!
All kinds of goodies and some secret messages are missing too !!!
Everything is getting exposed beyond anyone’s belief !!
Getting more “Official” by the day.
Several links in the article ….
Secret Societies !!!


Sometimes I think even we underestimate the true horror associated with what the Republicans are willing to do to protect Trump and undoubtedly themselves. The texts are just ridiculous rambling, a product of an affair by a guy fired by Mueller. Ironic that without the Mueller termination likely no one on the right would even know about the fker, and on and on.

Things like this — from the very same NBC article linked above laying out the texts — these don’t get mentioned by the frothing horde who believe this is the end of Clinton and Obama:

Johnson backtracked somewhat on Wednesday, saying he had merely “heard” about the existence of a secret society and did not have direct evidence of such a rump organization within the FBI.

“All I said is when I read those in those texts, that’s Strozk and Page’s term,” Johnson said when pressed by reporters on Capitol Hill on whether he believed such a group existed. “I have heard there was a group of managers in the FBI that were holding meetings offsite. That’s all I know.”

The subtle but devastating backtrack is already lost to those who don’t want to see it, nor think about it. And Johnson knows it.

The takeaway is now set in stone for the deplorables: “Because the ‘secret societies’ go high up in the FBI and DOJ, the investigation into Trump is clearly a political hack job and can be ignored on all points, oh and it is time for Obama to ‘lawyer-up.” They are now calling for a special investigator into the texts and secret societies.

Can’t allow their minions a minute to consider the real investigation.

A shortcut to destroying the law is to simply destroy the truth. If nothing negative is “true,” then it is impossible to break a law.


There is no rule that the United States must succeed as a strong, free, nation. The evolution toward a more perfect union isn’t driven by physics.

We are only as strong as the people placed within the institutions, and the public who would otherwise hold them accountable.

It is impossible to not get the sense that some Republican politicians who keep throwing matches into the constitutional forest believe that they can descend into devastatingly dangerous provocations today, to satisfy what they need right now, and then pull back to “normal” once the crises passes.

Other Republicans seem to think this is the new normal and they will do what it takes to hold power because they are the only proper leaders of this country.

The rest just don’t give a shit, they know this is wrong, they know it’s dangerous, they know they aren’t entitled to lead, and are doing it because they can, there’s money out there in this.

Remarkably, Republicans are pushing the nation toward a right-wing fascist state while our adversary, Putin’s Russia ….is pushing the nation toward a right wing fascist state.

There is no rule that the United States must remain rich, free, and alive, all at the same time.


Mueller is closing in, obviously.

Even though I am an attorney, one need not be an attorney to understand that prosecutors and/or cops do not seek a meeting with people they are investigating until the investigators know the answers to their questions.

Republicans undoubtedly know that Trump faces grave risks, and it sure seems they sense grave risk to themselves, individually — some more than others, see Nunes. Could anything else explain the pierced arrows aimed at the heart of the FBI’s integrity, the attempts to destroy the integrity of an unquestionable patriot and hero, Robert Mueller, indeed, slashing recklessly away at the idea of truth, the idea of law, the idea of constitution, and the idea of unity in the United States.


A day of reckoning is coming, coming faster and harder than we’d have ever wished. It appears that not only are Republicans incomparable in creating “government by scandal,” thei ability pales next to their willingness to destroy a government to fight a scandal.

People froze feet and starved in the war to establish this country, these people will destroy the same nation to prop up Donald Trump. Noting that Trump now stands in succession to Washington and Lincoln makes one light-headed.

The coming reckoning requires civic strength most of us have never looked to find. But a patriot fights for his nation, and I don’t doubt we will, too. Otherwise, this group-think will stand:

If Rosenstein was involved, it’s over. He’s the one who appointed Mueller. Here’s what I hope happens:
-Memo gets released
-DOJ/FBI corruption is exposed, and “muh Russia” is debunked 
-Mueller probe gets shut down 
-Charges dropped against Manafort, ditto for Flynn
-Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, etc. get indicted, and are convicted
-Special counsel appointed to investigate Obama, Crooked Hillary, Lynch, Holder, etc. 
-Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, etc. spill the beans on Obama era corruption in exchange for less prison time 
-Obama, the Clintons, and others are indicted and convicted        

I am ready to scream, while also willing to fight for truth using every tool I have.

But, it’s with great sadness. Because, in all honesty, seeing that a substantial number of people yearn for this stuff — it makes me almost believe they don’t deserve my fight. I’d be fighting to give them back a country that they don’t know they’re destroying, one they might not deserve.

But, we owe it to their kids … and ours. If we didn’t stand-up, we’d fail all the people who worked/fought to get us here.

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