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I can’t believe I am writing this. But I’m really dreading see The Teflon Don get away with, yet another in his long series of abuses.

First you gotta catch me … good luck with that, losers.

Maybe there is another way.  Maybe there is a practical way to short-circuit the patented-Trump process … where Donnie-boy gets away with, yet another “prank” in the eyes of his adoring fans (and crime-spree enablers).

One does not have to know how to “read tea leaves” — to know that the GOP Senate is just going to just let him walk … back into the office, where who knows what he will try to break next.

Democrats have a better choice than impeachment

CNN, Opinions — Nov 28, 2019

After amassing the testimony and preparing for the articles of impeachment, the House could change course and introduce a resolution for censure of the President. In it, they would recite all the behavior that would go into articles of impeachment. But instead of Trump’s removal from office as a remedy, it would essentially place the impeachment process in abeyance until the House can determine whether it will be able to hear from additional key witnesses.
This is a viable option for many reasons.
[The writer Charlie Firestone then goes into the many reasons …]

A censure would issue a formal warning: This is unacceptable behavior for a president, but we will not remove you from office this time. However, pending further testimony or should there be any instance of further wrongdoing, the appropriate remedy is removal from office. Ideally, the Senate would also adopt a resolution of censure, though support for Trump and the politics of the upcoming election would suggest that that is highly unlikely.

This is not a new notion. A censure was proposed in earlier stages of the process by AEI’s Norman Ornstein and Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh, among others. It essentially places a marker of condemnation pending a further possibility of bringing an impeachment.
Of the several reasons for Censuring Trump that Firestone cites, it was the pragmatic one that got my attention. Namely, since it is a near certainty the foregone-concluding Senators of the GOP, will vote to acquit the president — the protectors of law and order will after THAT, have no recourse, no remedy of curbing Trump’s behavior going forward.
And we will have effectively given Trump yet another “gift of exoneration”, going into 2020 campaign ad barrage season.

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Oh jeesh, you shouldn’t have. An Acquittal on all charges?  No really, that’s too much. I don’t really deserve it.  But I’ll run with it anyways.
It’s not like the public would stand for a 2nd Impeachment Inquiry — once the Senate acquits  — even as Trump continues to ride roughshod over every Constitutional convention and norm.

So why don’t we beat him to punch — and be unconventional first Give Trump a “public time-out”;  and hold out the “real punishment” for later, if his bad behavior continues.
And best of all it would take away the “psychological win” the ‘Trump and the Trumpetts’ would claim ad nauseam, from here to his “very hard to imagine” 2nd-termVindication Speech.”
Readers of my work, know I am the last person to give Trump “a pass” — to look the other way when he does something terrible and/or wrong.  But I’m tired of just ‘following the rules’ of polite society {ala the Mueller-Barr hi-jacking}, only to see the National Bully, kick yet another constitutional kid’s ass.
It’s long past time the Bully and his gang were out-smarted.  It’s time the principled, reality-based kids put the Bully in a Box — one that everyone can plainly see.  Put an end to his free-range hell-raising, once and for all.
Trump on Censure  has this Trump-Timeout effect written all over it.  I kind of like it.
You’re on notice, Buster.   We’ll be watching your every move.

Could it be time to put the “Unimpeachable one” — on permanent notice.  A perpetual Timeout so to speak.

Censuring Trump, as Firestone puts it, especially with a suspended Impeachment Inquiry lurking in the background, could have such an affect:   of finally cooling derelict Donnie’s jets.
It could be the one thing — that finally sticks to Teflon.
What do you think.  Is this idea crazy enough — to actually work?
— —
Go directly to your room. Do not collect allowance. Do not commit anymore crimes.  Our House, our rules.  (And no Tweeting either!)
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  1. I like the idea but does anyone think that this action would curtail der gropenfurer from other atrocities, possibly risking national security. He needs to be removed and held accountable along with his cronies

    • Rutokin — As you wrote, would that stop him from inflicting increasing damage to the world, and to the US, while he continues to embrace and empower dictators, all the while sucking up to Putin and destroying NATO.
      He mst be removed, pronto!

      • American politicians dont have the political will to do it.. when it comes down to there jobs verses doing the right thing for the American public, greed will prevail.

  2. Whats impeachment going to achieve, the republicans will sink it, the Dems dont have the numbers. Its a nice sentiment, but thats all it is. Fkn Dumbo will still be in the WH, with his crime family, stuffing their pockets with millions of tax payer dollars..


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