Ukraine Announces Investigation into Surveillance of Yovanovitch

Ukraine announced today it would be investigating the surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch. The United States is officially on notice, if the Trump administration does not, today, launch an investigation into the surveillance of American Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, we will be the only country implicated not investigating. Any self-respecting country would be embarrassed. We will also be left with the inescapable conclusion that Ukraine is more troubled than the United States upon learning of threats directed at a United States ambassador. And, yes, it will mean that Ukraine is not afraid to get to the truth, oligarchs be damned. Whereas us? Don’t even ask. Right, Politico? The Ukrainian Interior Ministry, which runs the police forces, said in a statement that Ukrainian police “are not interfering in the internal political affairs of the United States.” “However, the published messages contain facts of possible violations of Ukrainian law and of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, which protect the rights of diplomats on the territory of another state,” the statement continued. Violations of law? Quaint. But, it’s probably good to say, “Thank you, Ukraine, and – please, by all means, do feel free to interfere with our politics. It appears you’re already deeply involved – sorry – and most Americans want real truth, consisting of real facts, to thwart the fictional thriller being run out of the White House and the US Senate.” I said it, since I have no hope of a peep out of the White House. So, how does Mike Pompeo even go to work today? He has to know that he had the entire day yesterday to announce that his own department will investigate the matter. Indeed, it’s probably safe to guess that Ukraine gave the State Department the one day just to see if the U.S. took the lead. Apparently Ukraine didn’t have the patience to wait another day. Ukraine is serious about this anti-corruption sh*t. I guess we’re too busy creating the corruption to get around to investigating it all at the same time. Speaking of which: The Interior Ministry also said it has invited the FBI to take part in the investigation. The FBI? That would be the little mall security force that sits underneath Barr? Pffft. But, again, nice of Ukraine to offer. Oh, and just to put the cherry on top of the humiliation pie being served-up, Ukraine also announced that it is investigating the Russians hacking into Burrisma’s computers. Thankfully, our people were involved in that investigation and announced their findings. Actually, the fact that federal investigators involved themselves in monitoring the computer hack, but not investigating the surveillance and threat to Yovanovitch tells us a great deal. What exactly does it tell us? I guess we’ll have to wait for Ukraine to let us know. I hope they already have next year’s money. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

Yovanovitch Calls For Investigation, Possibly Terrifying Trump and Co.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is angry, and rightly so. Through her lawyer, Ambassador Yovanovitch released a statement addressing yesterday’s revelations: “Needless to say, the notion that American citizens and others were monitoring Ambassador Yovanovitch’s movements for unknown purposes is disturbing,” he said in the statement obtained by The Hill. “We trust that the appropriate authorities will conduct an investigation to determine what happened.” “Disturbing” barely scratches the surface. Need I even point out that while such an investigation is critical and obvious, it will almost surely be opposed by the administration? It is near impossible to contemplate. Evidence reveals that an American ambassador might well have been threatened while serving, and a president may oppose an investigation? We can expect Trump to oppose the investigation, if he doesn’t, it may unlock a whole separate sea of evidence that we never knew to exist. An important question has arisen regarding some of the evidence released yesterday, and could only be answered in an investigation. Given that Trump could fire Ambassador Yovanovitch at any point, and for any reason, why was she followed, surveilled, and – at a minimum – placed in danger to the point that she had to be rushed out of the country? This question cannot be answered easily. Some potential answers are horrifying. Ukraine is still a young democracy, and a lot of oligarchs lost a lot of money to her anti-corruption efforts. Moreover, it sure appears as though she was real trouble for some power-players here in the United States, too. There will be precious few winners coming out the impending impeachment trial in the senate, but there will be one hero, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Unfortunately, she is likely in just as much danger now as she had been in Ukraine. Robert Hyde and the MAGA heads are going after her on Twitter. It is extremely dangerous to tell the truth about Trump. Read that last sentence again. It sounds like something out of Russia or Saudi Arabia. Yovanovitch cannot even rely upon the support from her own boss in the State Department. (She is still an employee of the State Department, despite not being assigned and despite teaching at Georgetown). Pompeo has been unforgivably silent with respect to Yovanovitch’s fate: NEW: House Dems are set to demand that the State Department account for Yovanovitch's safety during her stalking, in light of explosive Lev Parnas documents, aide tells me. Pompeo's stonewalling suddenly looks much worse. That and more in my new piece:https://t.co/kVHtmxSqo8 — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) January 15, 2020 Yes, what exactly did cause Pompeo to stonewall all of this? One of the few times a cabinet secretary should stand opposed to the president or his staff is when one of that cabinet member’s employees is threatened or unfairly maligned. As we have come to expect from Trump and his administration, loyalty runs only one direction and it must be absolute. Here is one thing to takeaway, Yovanovitch surely knows a great deal about the deals made by Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, i.e. where and how they hide their money, who they do business with, including Americans, etc. These oligarchs all answer to Putin. An investigation into her Ukrainian circumstances may well threaten these same oligarchs, putting even greater pressure upon Yovanovitch, but also greater pressure upon Putin […]

A Corner Turned: Trump May Well Not Get Through Impeachment

One must be cautious about saying something that may sound like hyperbole. But the picture changed today with the release of the Lev Parnas materials. I know that much, whether it results in Trump’s ultimate removal or not is a more difficult question. The documents/texts from Robert Hyde (a Giuliani associate, a huge Trump donor who hangs out at Trump’s clubs) referencing Ukrainians surveilling a United States ambassador, including phones and computers, without notifying embassy security, along with the texts referring to the famous corruption fighter as a f**king b**** all alongside the fact that the State Department told Yovanovitch to be on the plane within hours because there were concerns for her safety, is damned haunting. It sure puts a new coat upon Trump saying that Yovanovitch was “going to go through some things.” Now, none of this is confirmed, other than it came from Parnas, purportedly from Hyde. So, until it is confirmed, and until Parnas can testify to the context of everything, we need to be cautious to a certain extent. But Parnas knows that this material could possibly take down a United States president, and has to know that the authenticity of the evidence will be worked through by the most expert technicians in the world. Parnas is also trying to save his own ass which is in deep trouble. it is far more likely than not that it is real. Chris Hayes just brought up the fact that the line about Ukrainians following her with the quote that in the Ukraine one can get anything for money, makes one just shiver. It is possible, just possible, that they were going to harm her and make it appear it was some random crime in the Ukraine. It is also possible that Robert Hyde was simply trying to impress Giuliani and company that he was that on top of her. But even if so, no one jumped on him to say “knock it off, stop this.” It is possible that Hyde is completely nuts and was lying about surveilling her. But you also have to consider that a lot of oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine hated her for her anti-corruption fight, as well as Trump’s words. “She is going to go through some things,” something that really doesn’t make a lot of sense. She’d already been fired when Trump talked to Zelensky. This is the type of evidence that completely changes the picture in the case against Trump. It sounds like mob bosses talking. It sounds like they wanted to get rid of a problem. There is no doubt they wanted her gone from the job, fired, they were pounding on the need to fire her. None of that is disputed. If Trump’s political “gamesmanship” and self-obsession put Yovanovitch in harms way – and she was told to get out, fast, because a security threat arose – if it all checks out, I don’t see how Trump remains in office. I suspect even Republicans will consider him disgraced. At a minimum, he won’t win the election if all this is genuine. The most base of the base aren’t leaving Trump, but a lot of people will. If I had to bet, there is a ton of truth in this stuff. Hyde’s comment upon the release of the material […]

Giuliani Shoots Much of Trump’s Defense Down AGAIN

Rudy is the gift that simply keeps on giving, so long as one opposes Trump. Apparently Giuliani is really into the Christmas spirit, because he just came down the chimney and unloaded the bag all over the floor. Rudolph the red-handed investigator made a hugely significant admission in an article published in The New Yorker, which is summarized in Rawstory: In an interview with The New Yorker, Giuliani admitted that he got former American ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch fired so that he could more easily pursue his efforts to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden. Atta boy, Rudy!! Admit that the one person universally acclaimed to be Eastern Europe’s leading corruption fighter, Ambassador Yovanovitch, was in the way, and thus you – person outside the government – took it upon yourself to get her out of there. After all, when one is intent on corrupting shit, one doesn’t want an honest person in sight. “I believed that I needed Yovanovitch out of the way,” he said. “She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody.” Yeah, especially investigations led by criminals attempting to organize another international conspiracy to win over the White House, she darn sure would make that type of “investigation” tough. She might actually, you know, tell someone to stop it? Rudy also admitted that he enlisted the media to pump up his conspiracy. Giuliani got John Solomon involved from The Hill, to write (transcribe) the particulars of the “investigation.” ““I said, ‘John, let’s make this as prominent as possible,’ ” Giuliani said. “ ‘I’ll go on TV. You go on TV. You do columns.’ ” Good idea! Okay, look, everyone knew that this was happening all along. It isn’t like this is breaking news as to the specifics. We heard the testimony which set out all this stuff. BUT, it was never admitted to by Giuliani or Trump. Indeed, recently Trump tried to distance himself from Rudy. In effect, Rudy just affirmed a ton of the testimony we heard from the good guys at the impeachment hearings. The testimony we heard from Yovanovitch, Taylor, and even Sondland, is now all that much more established, with Rudy having admitted that their testimony matches exactly what was happening. The fact that Trump fired Yovanovitch proves that Rudy was over there doing Trump’s bidding. Tough to deny now, eh? Sometimes even Rudy ends up being a good guy. It happens completely by accident, and Rudy is never quite aware of it, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be appreciated and encouraged to do much more. Rudy, we are positive you are being modest. You must have so much critical information that the world needs. Only you could have brought it back. Tell us all about it! Go Rudy. Now, let’s hear about what Trump told you. After all, you must be awfully close to real power. I am sure that very powerful person entrusted a ton to you. What did he ask for? **** And speaking of Christmas spirit and giving. If y’all would consider signing-up on Patreon, it makes a massive difference to us who try to keep you up to date with real analysis. It is a labor of love, and yet love doesn’t pay for little girl’s shoes. So, if you can afford to […]

Pompeo Shamelessly Refuses to Support Ambassadors Who Testified

Other than Trump, perhaps only Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been more universally criticized for an utter lack of morality, ethics and leadership. It is Pompeo who leads the department in which the earnest and sincere Marie Yovanovitch, Bill Taylor and George Kent work. One might think that Pompeo, as head of the State Department, might have some supportive words for those employees who took such risks and brought honor to their agency. Pompeo was asked at a State Department press conference whether he had anything to say in support of the numerous State Department employees who have valiantly testified regarding the Ukrainian “plot.” Rawstory has the highlights: “Issues surrounding the Democrat [sic] impeachment inquiry — just not going to do it today,” Pompeo said before attacking Democrats over the testimony of Bill Taylor, the acting United States ambassador to Ukraine. “Ambassador [Marie Yovanovitch’s] departure preceded the arrival of Bill Taylor!” he exclaimed, laughing to himself. “Some ideas out there that [Yovanovitch’s removal] was to enable some nefarious purpose, you should all just look at the simple fact that it was Bill Taylor that replaced Ambassador yovanovitch. Yes, we are looking at that. And in the video seen on MSNBC, Pompeo was asked if he could affirm that Taylor’s job was safe within the administration, and Pompeo said nothing at all as he walked out the door. Make no mistake. This is all a message to anyone who might be considering testifying in this matter. They are sending the message that if you testify, you are dead to us, no matter how provocative the facts, no matter how justified, no matter how much you wish it were different, if you testify, you are dead to us. Pompeo’s reaction is every bit as much witness intimidation as Trump’s tweet during Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony. This “regime” is dictatorial in every sense. To the extent they are not inflicting greater punishment upon those who have chosen to testify, it is only because they do not believe they would get away with it. Pompeo was called out in clear and devastating terms by Chuck Rosenberg, MSNBC’s legal analyst during Friday’s Marie Yovanovitch testimony. Rosenberg called Pompeo a coward, who failed to lead his department, all due to shameless allegiance to a man, Trump, over the constitution. This was Pompeo’s response, affirm the dictatorship, punish the dissenters. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. But it is infuriating to see in real time. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

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