Are You Ready For The Trump “Crash?”

These are people, I swear, when they put one foot forward, they have absolutely NO idea of what to do with the other foot   Tom Jimson   Drowned Hopes Welcome back. I swear, some nights the fun just never ends! As many of you already know, earlier this week the European Union announced that they are reopening their countries for travel from other countries, having successfully knocked down, and at least for the present, the coronavirus. But there’s a catch there. Having taken care of their own business, the EU is in no hurry to reintroduce the virus to their countries. And therefore, the United States is on an embargo list for travel to the EU. In other words, we ain’t traveling to the other side of the pond anytime soon. Let’s pause for just a moment for a brief review of recent global history. In late February heading into early March, the coronavirus was rampaging over the glove. At about the same time that most European countries were affecting draconian measures to try to stall the damage of the virus, many American states were instituting their own lockdown provisions to fight the virus. When I say many American states, feel free to read progressive Democratic Governors who trusted science. At that point, statistically, pretty much everybody was on a level playing field. Flash forward 4 months. The countries of the European Union, whose countries acted swiftly with a unified government response, have largely got the virus under control. Meanwhile, the United States is now the leading health crisis for the entire globe. What in the hell happened to have the European countries flattening their rate of infection, while the United States sets a new record every damn day? There are a couple of reasons for this. The European countries spoke with a centralized, unified response, putting their entire nations under the same, unified restrictions. The Trump administration refused to even consider the virus a national emergency, leaving 50 separate state Governors to deal with the problem through a hodge-podge of restrictions and regulations. And the European governments quite properly diagnosed the virus as a healthcare emergency, while Trump read it as a political issue with economic ramifications. This was a tragic miscalculation. But the worst miscalculation was Trump mandating that states reopen as quickly as possible, in order to juice up the economy, his only platform to run on. There was an ingrained fallacy in this. Following the initial collapse of the stock market as the companies tried to come to grips with the new world order, it turned out that the companies that occupy the Dow Jones 500 were well enough protected to rebound fairly quickly. While tens of millions of Americans filed for unemployment, the Dow made up almost half of its initial losses within a few weeks. But here’s the McGuffin. In a few days, the European Union will reopen for business. And the United States isn’t invited to the party! Most Asian countries have also flattened out their curves, and they’re ready to both travel, and receive travelers to get back to business as usual. The United States as  quickly as possible. And because they took the time and trouble to get their curve under control, they will be welcome visitors in EU. The EU reject list is actually rather ratified, but still includes countries like Russia, […]

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