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Pompeo Declares War: Refuses All Cooperation

Things have heated-up, exponentially, and real threats are now being exchanged. The Trump administration continues to defy the legitimacy of the House of Representatives and the Democrats that lead it. In a brazen rebuke of the rule of law, Secretary of State Pompeo refused to comply with the latest impeachment inquiry subpoena, compelling him and other State Department officials to testify and produce documents pertaining to the Ukrainian matter. Who could have predicted? From The Hill Pompeo asserted that the committee’s demand for testimony from five current and former State Department officials beginning this week raised “significant legal and procedural concerns” and questioned the committee’s authority to compel an appearance by officials for a deposition through the letters sent last week, according to a letter that the secretary of State released on his Twitter feed. The Secretary of State is concerned with the legality of a summons by letter? So he rejects it by releasing a letter, on his Twitter feed? Of course. None of us were under the impression that the administration would actually show up and answer questions, were we? After all, that would imbue some legitimacy into another branch of government. If f we know one thing about the Trump administration, it’s that they don’t acknowledge anyone who disagrees with them. Dictatorships tell dissenters to go fck themselves. To wit: The secretary of State also claimed that there is “no legal basis” for the committee’s threat that the failure of the officials to meet their timeline for documents and testimony would constitute obstruction of the impeachment inquiry. And he raised concerns that House Democrats are seeking to “intimidate” State Department officials with a slew of requests on Ukraine and President Trump‘s interactions with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky. “Intimidate” the State Department by demanding answers? Why, yes, I suppose when one finds the truth to be dangerous, it sure would be “intimidating” to be asked to tell the truth. It gets worse: I’m concerned with aspects of your request that can be understood only as an attempt to intimidate, bully and treat improperly the distinguished professionals of the Department of State, including several career Foreign Service Officers,” Pompeo wrote in a letter to Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday. “Let me be clear: I will not tolerate such tactics, and I will use all means at my disposal to prevent and expose any attempts to intimidate the dedicated professionals whom I am proud to lead and serve alongside at the Department of State,” Pompeo wrote. Please to be fcking off now. The roadblock is just the beginning, and it is a massive problem. Now would be a great time for some Republicans to find it in themselves to start wondering aloud if it wouldn’t be best to find out what’s really happening. Have no doubt, neither Trump, Pompeo, nor Barr have any intention of providing one word of testimony to this impeachment probe. They will simply ignore the entire matter until they are physically removed, or compelled. Book it. I have said this before, but at some point, the Democrats are going to have to enlist a second branch of government. They have to go to the SCOTUS and get a judgment to enforce their subpoenas. Doing so will serve two necessary purposes. One, it obviously represents […]

Coming Undone, “Civil War,” Witness Intimidation, Inspector Barr

Over and over, we’ve said it. Trump will not “go down” without taking everything he can with him, and increasingly, it seems he’s determined to take down witnesses, other countries, and our nation itself, if it saves His Greatness. Yesterday, in a column infested with Trump self-righteous rage-tweets, we noted that Trump floated the threat of “civil war” should law-abiding citizens determine that Trump be impeached. We were not the only one’s who noticed. Conservative columnist Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast tore into Trump’s unveiled threat: “In January 1973, National Lampoon featured an infamous cover declaring: ‘If You Don’t Buy This Magazine We’ll Kill This Dog.’” he began. “I was reminded of that when Donald Trump sent a similarly desperate tweet this weekend, suggesting that ‘If You Don’t Stop This Impeachment My People and I Will Start a Civil War.’” Of course he will. At no point in his life has Trump ever acknowledged anything greater than himself. If his presidency is threatened by Americans, he will absolutely wage war – limited only by what he’s able to get away with – on other Americans. Not only is Trump not interested in “what’s best for the nation,” not only is Trump going to spend 100% of his time and effort in saving himself, he will take hostages. Not that it should surprise anyone, after all, holding funding to Ukraine hostage for Trump’s personal gain is how he got into this mess in the first place. Trump doesn’t learn well, he will only accelerate the pace of his lawlessness. It will all come undone, absent some sort of pushback by Republicans, Republicans in office, with the ability to stop this man. Trump is also intimidating witnesses – another felony, tweeting out messages to anyone who might dare cross him. We will find you. So if the so-called “Whistleblower” has all second hand information, and almost everything he has said about my “perfect” call with the Ukrainian President is wrong (much to the embarrassment of Pelosi & Schiff), why aren’t we entitled to interview & learn everything about…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2019 And ….the Whistleblower, and also the person who gave all of the false information to him. This is simply about a phone conversation that could not have been nicer, warmer, or better. No pressure at all (as confirmed by Ukrainian Pres.). It is just another Democrat Hoax! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2019 “Learn everything about the whistleblower” and also “the person who gave all the false information to him.” Learn everything about him. It doesn’t take a MENSA member to note the twisted logic here. If the phone call is the only issue, and the phone call is perfect, why do we need to know anything about the “whistleblower,” Mr. “President”? Because Trump wants that whistleblower endangered, in fear. Moreover, he wants potential future whistleblowers in fear. This is the same man who called witnesses to the Mueller investigation “rats.” This is the same man who states that his supporters will erupt in civil war over his impeachment, Trump knows damn well that his “supporters” will immediately endanger this whistleblower. That is the point. We have whistleblower laws precisely because people in power could exact revenge upon the person highlighting the abuse of power. […]

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