Trump campaign asks for recount of Wisconsin’s two most Democratic counties

The Trump campaign parted with $3 million Wednesday morning for a partial recount of Wisconsin. Predictably, the recount the campaign is requesting is focused on...

Trump Just Sent $3 Million To Wisconsin To Recount Two Democratic Counties

Evidently ponying up $7.9 Million was too much of a task, but Team Trump managed to scrape together $3 Million (sorry Rudy, not everybody can get paid) and they’re asking Wisconsin to recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties, which are both heavily Democratic. Biden beat Trump by 477,455 to 213,157. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has […]

Trump Campaign Orders Wisconsin Recount, Maybe the ‘Hackers’ Will Pay For It

As expected. the Martyrdom Express is chug a lugging down the track and Donald Trump is going to leave no stone unturned — and this is at a time when even Kevin McCarthy says the election is “driving” towards a Biden win. But Trump won’t accept that, because he needs to milk every dramatic note […]

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Booster shots work, but may not be needed when vaccines remain highly effective for most people

On Wednesday, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study from Israel that confirmed that giving a booster shot...
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Sen. Whitehouse says allegations against Kavanaugh were ‘swept under the rug’ by FBI

Talk about perfect timing. During a hearing on the FBI’s mishandling of allegations against Larry Nassar, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse raised...

Supreme Court's reputation plummets after green-lighting unconstitutional Texas abortion ban

New polling from Quinnipiac University should send a flashing red signal to the Supreme Court—that is, assuming the conservative justices...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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