‘Clinton Cash’ Producer Might Flip On Steve Bannon Over Wall Fund Fraud, As He’s Flipped Twice Before

I love the smell of embezzlement in the morning. It smells like incarceration — and Steve Bennon is standing down wind, getting a big whiff, right now. Former Breitbart writer and associate producer of “Clinton Cash,” Andrew Badolato, has known Bannon for many years and been involved with him in more than one business venture, […]

Steve Bannon Bragged He Was Stealing ‘We Build The Wall’ Money During Fundraiser For It

There used to be a You Can’t Make This Shit Up file. It started out taking over the entire cabinet, then grew to the size of several office buildings, then had its own island, then occupied the interior of a small moon. Now, we just accept the fact that we live in the file, a […]

Trump’s House Of Cards Is Falling, ACLU Reveals DHS Gave $400 Million Contract To Bannon’s Wall Scam, Which Junior Endorsed

Oh, my my my. Thursday is turning out to be one for the books. And Trump is supposed to fly to Scranton and explain to the folks there why having Joe Biden in office will be such a “disaster.” In the wake of Steve Bannon being arrested today on allegations of misappropriating funds for Trump’s […]

Steve Bannon Arrested In NY For Pilfering $1 Million From ‘We Build The Wall’ Contributions

It was rumored that Steve Bannon might return to the cast of The Apprentice: Presidential Edition in some capacity in the campaign, but it looks like he’s going to have his hands full outwitting the feds, instead. Bannon was arrested in New York Thursday on charges of stealing money from the “We Build The Wall” […]

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