Cartoon: Texas Vigilantes

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Newsom Getting Late Surge In Latino Support In Crushing GOP Recall

Here’s the latest news out of California: Governor Gavin Newsom's performance with Latino voters and outreach to the community, questioned just one month ago, appears...

Cartoon: The Quorum

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Retired Lt. Colonel Vindman Tells Mandel (R) To Sit Down and Shut Up Over Afghan Refugees

Fuck yeah! x You are a fool looking for attention. You don’t represent Jewish values. You preach hate for refugees, when your own ancestors came here...

Cartoon: Voter suppression funnies, Georgia edition

The despicable bills targeted at Black voters in Georgia should be the biggest news story in the country right now. And yet, in a...

Second Test of the Georgia Voter ID Law: Results of Attempt to Obtain ID Cards from a GA Registrar

Starting on June 12th, Hope Springs from Field PAC began canvassing in the Black Belt of Georgia, repeating our steps in the Georgia Senate Runoff,...

Everything 'conservative' is shrinking as the movement's slow death continues unabated

The country is changing. Culture and demographics are engaging in a 1-2 gut punch to the conservative movement and its Republican Party. And as...

Cartoon: Mitch & filibuster's senate games

Besides being the right thing to do, ending the filibuster will make Mitch sad, and that’s enough for me.

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Joy Reid Unmasks the Republicans 'Creepy Little COVID-Loving Death Cult'

As the latest wave of the coronavirus pandemic washes over America, the Republican Party and their Ministry of Disinformation...
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Cartoon: Ghosted


NH Republican lawmaker leaves party, joins Democrats after GOP's insane anti-vax rally

A moderate Republican in a party that no longer has much room for anyone to the left of reactionary...

Must read

The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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