Let’s Hope Ukraine Witnesses Stay Safe. One Russian Witness Was Thrown Out Window After Veselnetskaya Outed Him.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump had a lot of assistance from Russia in winning the 2016 election. What has just recently come to light, however, as UkraineGate heats up, is that a star witness for the U.S. government, with respect to the Russia investigation, was thrown out/fell out of a fifth-story window after he dealt with the now-famous Trump Tower lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. Daily Beast: A cache of emails obtained by the Dossier Center, which is a Russian opposition organization based in London, exposes the depth of foreign asset entanglement in Trump’s America at the precise moment that the president’s dealings with Ukrainian officials threaten to pull the Department of Justice and State Department into an unseemly impeachment fight. […] The identity of the U.S. government’s star witness in a high-profile trial—who subsequently fell out of a fifth-story Moscow window—was compromised in the course of a pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign run by Natalia Veselnitskaya, according to leaked emails. […] The leaked emails offer an unprecedented look into the cynical world of Russia’s remorseless influence campaign within the U.S. Veselnitskaya was representing a company called Prevezon, which was facing an American trial over a $230 million fraud that began in Russia and implicated the Russian authorities. An American law firm that had been working for Prevezon at the direction of Veselnitskaya was barred from the case by an extremely rare writ of mandamus handed down by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals because of conflict of interest with a former client. Emails suggest BakerHostetler, a major U.S. law firm that has also worked for The Daily Beast and its parent company, IAC, continued to operate as a kind of shadow counsel in what would have been a clear breach of the court order. This is no small thing. Other emails in the cache support a theory that testimony given by another witness was leaked, which endangered his life, and then the U.S. star witness referred to herein, Nikolai Gorokhov, who survived his five story fall with a fractured skull said his fall was no accident. This is banana republic level influence buying, and victimization of people who don’t play along, plain and simple. And Donald Trump is the perfect guy for that. He has no concept of any larger game plan or higher set of values other than money and greed. That’s always been a horrifying concept. What is truly horrifying however, is that he’s got the GOP right there behind him, backing him up. And you can expect it to get worse. A lot of moral-sounding Republican legislators have already walked away from Trump and the Republican party, so who does that leave running the show? That’s what should cause you to lose sleep at night, if it hasn’t already.

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