Tucker and Repubs Explore Open Support for Putin and Russia

Last night, Tucker Carlson said, somewhat out of the blue: Tucker Carlson just now: "Why do I care what's going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? … And why shouldn't I root for Russia, which I am" — Sarah Brooks (@Sarah_K_Brooks) November 26, 2019 It has become increasingly obvious to me that Republican leadership looks toward Russia, a country with an economy the size of Texas, and sees heaven. Not only are Republicans willing to tolerate Russia, Republicans increasingly want to turn the United States into Russia. Over the last two weeks, and especially last night, I have seen signs of the first rollout of Republican support of Russia. Why would Republicans look so longingly at a nation so poor in comparison, a nation that essentially can’t bake bread? Well, that part is very easy. Russia specializes in minority rule, and a very very special type of minority rule, oligarchic rule, lawless oligarchic rule. Painted in that coat, now it seems like a match made in heaven, does it not? We have long known that Republicans understood that they had to do everything they could to hold on to power as a minority party: Utilize the electoral college (two of the last 3 Republican presidential terms sprung from a minority vote), suppress votes, gerrymander, decrease immigration to the maximum extent, and stuff the courts with far right judges that will impose far right ideology no matter who occupies the White House or controls Congress. @davidfrum once said, "If the Republicans are faced with a choice of giving up power, or giving up on democracy, they will choose to give up democracy" He knew what he was talking about. They are most dangerous now because they can't win a fair election anymore. — Alameda Mark (@alamedamark) May 28, 2019 The transition has been gradual throughout Trump’s administration. Early on. when the Republican Congress heard that the new president Trump was about to unilaterally lift sanctions on Russia, the Republicans codified those sanctions into law. But in the last year, the Republican Senate approved sanction relief to certain Russian oligarchs and is now adopting Russian talking points on impeachment and the 2016 election. At the start of the Trump administration, the Republicans in Congress knew they had to take away Trump’s ability to do Russia’s bidding. Now Republicans themselves will do Russia’s bidding to preserve Trump. It would seem that Republicans see a natural ally for “minority rule” in Russia, as opposed to the United Kingdom or Canada. If Republicans are going to give up democracy for conservatism, they need allies with similar values. Hence, Republicans, ostensibly the “party of Reagan,” a party that once had a genetic disposition toward opposing all things Russian, now sees a place that is “not so bad.” Tucker Carlson must be charged with exploring the outer edges of “admitting it,” and seeing what happens. Have no doubt, the roll-out acknowledging Russian kinship is a planned event. It likely has been market tested, gamed-out in computer simulations testing different approaches, all that. Russia may be a backward nation in technology and resources, but they are mankind’s preeminent experts in the social sciences regarding population control, media manipulation, propaganda, and intimidation. Minority rule is a dicey proposition because you have to be right every single day, or you […]

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