Not too early to plan for the Trump presidential library at Briny Breezes, Florida

A trailer park could be the site of the IMPOTUS presidential library. It could OTOH, be another real estate grift that could be separate from...

Trump May Spend $1Billion To Buy Florida Trailer Park As Site Of Presidential Library

Donald Trump Jr. and Vanilla Ice have been discussing the sale of a town in Florida, Briny Breezes, which is comprised solely of a 43 acre trailer park, to be the site of the Trump presidential library. This would be a poetic ending for this saga, because it would be the perfect tacky finale to this classless presidency, whenever it ends — which can’t be soon enough. Palm Beach Post: The best candidate to buy the town, Arena [land developer] said, is Trump. The president and wife Melania filed paperwork in October changing their primary residence from Manhattan to Palm Beach County, specifically Mar-a-Lago. Every president since Herbert Hoover has established a presidential library in his home state. The president or his representatives are responsible for construction costs, usually paid for by non-profit foundations. Arena said Trump could develop the land by building a hotel, marina and restaurants along with the presidential library and make the site a major tourist attraction. “It makes a lot of sense for him to do something like that here,” Arena said. And think of what this “presidential” library could contain: The fake TIME Magazine covers, the nude photos of Melania, the pictures of Donald Jr. and Eric proudly displaying the corpses of endangered species, MAGA hats and Christmas ornaments in glass cases, yes sir, all this and more, to make for redneck kitsch heaven, no doubt in my mind. But alas, not everybody is crazy about the idea. A neighbor of Santa Cruz’s who has lived in Briny for four generations and did not want to be identified said she would not attend the meeting or sell at any price. The thought of selling to Trump, she said, was particularly distasteful. But Littlefield, who is no fan of the president’s, said his family’s future well-being and not politics would be decisive. “As crazy as Trump Town sounds and I don’t like the idea, on the other hand I do like the idea,” Littlefield said. “It’s a wild thought but something we should think about.” Water finds it’s own level, and Trump is trailer trash with cash. This is exactly the right spot for his presidential library and his memoirs. Maybe he can be interred in Trump Town. And then perhaps one day, that portion of Florida will split off from the mainland and sink beneath the waves, and Trump Town will become a legend — just like Atlantis. And then people will fly over the submerged Trump Town and have paranormal experiences when they do.  Boats and planes will vanish into what will become known as the Trump Triangle. And all that will be just fine. As long as he’s gone. As long as he’s gone. And takes all the MAGA shit with him.

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