WATCH: This Compilation Of Clips On ‘Stable Genius’ Trump Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

If Donald Trump ever has what is known in twelve step programs as a “moment of clarity” and realizes just what a dumb a$$ he is and has been, it will probably fry what few circuits he has left and he’ll collapse. But I don’t think we have to worry about it. Honesty, let alone self-honesty, is not a trait that anybody has ever accused him of having. Trump is the con man posing as the rich man, the n’er do well posing as a success. That’s what The Apprentice was all about, Trump posing as the avatar of the business world, when anybody else with six bankruptcies would have run and hid. But he has no shame, and moreover, doesn’t even know when a person is supposed to feel that emotion. Trump’s most desperate posturing of all is that of a man of intellect, despite the fact that he’s an uneducated, “stunningly ignorant,” to quote John Bolton, fool. It is that last conceit that has led to Trump’s worst — or best, depending on your perspective — moments. I love this ad. This may be Meidas Touch’s best. Hit the button and stroll down memory lane. You cannot make up a more asinine character than Donald Trump really is. He is beyond parody. He is so ridiculous these days, he’s doing a self-parody. While it’s great to laugh, and God knows we need the comic relief, let’s vote him the hell into oblivion so that we can get the business of governing and living back on track.

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