Trump Voter Vows Never Again, Says Trump ‘Is the Scum At The Bottom Of the Swamp’

Republican Voters Against Trump has just posted another jewel. I love this woman’s attitude. She’s regretful that she made the mistake, but grimly determined not to make it again and she tells you why she won’t vote for “this monster” again. I love it. In 2016 this lifelong Republican liked Trump, but now the scales have dropped and he’s a monster. This particular ad is starting to pick up some speed on social media now. If we get enough of these together, and targeting swing states, I firmly believe that it can have an impact. There have to be Trumpers who wonder if they made the wrong choice. Nothing is so compelling as the testimony of somebody who has been there and lived to tell the tale. She’s inspiring me and I’ve always thought Trump was a monster and would destroy us — just like Lindsey Graham. Believe me, this is one thing in my life I have regretted being so right about

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