Mockery From The Twitterverse As Trumps Look To Unload The D.C. Hotel

On Monday, the emoluments clause was “phony.” On Friday, Eric Trump announces that the family is willing to sell the business down the street from the White House, the Trump International Hotel, D.C. So, friends, what do we have here? A sudden awakening of social conscience and the acquisition of a moral compass? Or, do we have the Trump family looking to unload a white elephant so that when Daddy loses next year they won’t have to take such a hit? And if you're wondering "Why now?", the answer undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that, under Trump's agreement with the GSA, the earliest possible date on which he could sell his interest in the Old Post Office lease is October 26, 2019. — Susan Simpson (@TheViewFromLL2) October 25, 2019 for when they take their assets and run it's a bummer for the Trumps that there's no Rhodesia any more. Where do they go? https://t.co/PgH82Wgs28 via @TPM — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) October 25, 2019 And now we wait for, “MBS buys Trump hotel for double market value.” — Schooley (@Rschooley) October 25, 2019 After he’s impeached and removed, and the hotel sold to pay his criminal defense lawyers, I suggest it be renamed the Hotel Constitution. https://t.co/lE2jJAMbAP — George Conway (@gtconway3d) October 25, 2019 They are inches from bankruptcy. There is no question anymore. — Sharpie, the Low-IQ Millionaire Clown (@SharpieClown) October 25, 2019 Wouldn’t it be interesting if Trump is doing this because he’s that broke? The only prayer that Donald Trump knows is “buy low, sell high.”

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