Lincoln Project Brings Us the Trump “Presidency” as TV Show, ‘Trumpfeld’ — With Laugh Track!

This is wonderful. The Lincoln Project has nailed the essence of the Trump “presidency” which is that to Donald Trump, this is all a television show. He never wanted the actual job of president, he just wanted to be the president on TV. And everybody knows it. The world is but a set and all the people merely bit players — and he’s the star. Trump and Norma Desmond, living in their own bubble world of delusion. Except the Desmond character really was at the top of her game at one time. Trump never had a game to be at the top of. He’s just a celebrity who is famous for the sake of being famous — more on the order of Zsa Zsa Gabor than any president we know of. He’s an invention of the tabloids. Lincoln Project has picked the perfect episode to “satirize” and I put it in quotes, because there is no satire here. Trump and cabal are beyond parody. They really are ridiculous per se. But the Chris Wallace interview truly is more ridiculous than most of what Trump has said and done — and that’s saying something with SharpieGate, bleach drinking, lightbulbs and dishwashers, death ramp, we could go on. Without further ado, you be the judge. Here’s “Trumpfeld.”

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