Ivanka Trump touts GOYA beans, violating ethical standards

Grifters gotta grift. In the midst of the continuing messes made by the current occupant of the White House, his daughter Ivanka Trump, who...

An Intriguing Moment In Dem Debate, Discussion of Special Commission To Investigate Trump Crimes

If you caught the latest Democratic debate, you couldn’t miss the fact that the criminality of the Trump regime “hung over the proceedings like a black curtain,” as Charlie Pierce puts it. Joe Biden asked everyone to stand to applaud and support Alexander Vindman, who earlier in the day was escorted from the White House, along with his brother, Eugene, who didn’t even know he was to be fired — and whose only “crime” is being Alexander’s brother. That begged the question of what a Democratic president would do to clean up the corruption of the current misadministration. Charlie Pierce, Esquire Magazine: Asked whether her proposal for a special independent commission to look into the crimes and thievery of this administration*, something like a modern-day Pecora Commission, would be too “divisive” for our poor, exhausted nation, SPW [Elizabeth Warren] said, essentially, that we should all suck it up: “Look, I think no one is above the law, and that includes the president of the United States. We watched on Wednesday as Republicans—all but one—locked arms to protect him from impeachment, but we need to reestablish the rule of law in this country. I believe in an independent commission in our Justice Department that investigates crimes committed by our own government. It is an important part of accountability. It is an important part for every administration that we hold ourselves accountable to the American people. Look, people around this country are losing faith in our government. They’re losing faith that government works for them. They see a government that just works great if you’re rich. It works great if you’re a lobbyist. It works great if you’re a corporate executive. But they see themselves and their children with less and less and less. And we could do something about it. It’s not enough simply to talk about the future. We have to be willing to stand up to those who now control our government and make that government instead work for us.” Donald Trump is sui generis—a president* who runs the executive branch like one of the Five Families. The damage he is doing is sui generis, as are his crimes and thievery. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination is going to have to be prepared for a campaign the viciousness of which is likely to be unprecedented; hell, getting re-elected is the only way this president* and a lot of his people are going to stay out of jail. That encourages a certain, ah, vigor in campaigning. And, if the Democratic nominee wins, a lot of wounds are going to have to be harshly cauterized before they begin to heal. We learned that once already this century. This time, the infection is bone-deep and spreading. This is something to be looked at seriously. Our nation is not going to go back to “normal” once Trump is gone, i.e., what it was when Obama was in office — or before that. Our national discourse is like a pickle, it’s not going to go back to being a cucumber. And Warren is right, we need to reestablish the rule of law in this country. The past three years under Trump have been the most contentious and lawless in the nation’s history. Whether a formal commission is appointed or not, the thrust of the next Democratic administration has got to be […]

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