Trump Campaign HQ Shuttered the Defiant Act Is Now Just A TV Show For the Rubes

Many’s the time that Twilight Zone has been referenced with respect to Trump World and it’s because the MAGAverse is similar to TZ, insofar as it’s its own dimension of mind. It’s a made up reality where facts and physics don’t intrude onto the fantasy scape that Donald Trump chooses to create on television. Trump’s […]

Trump Campaign Hasn’t Released August Fundraising Figures Because They Don’t Want To Get Laughed At

The “fundraising juggernaut” that Brad Parscale characterized the Trump campaign as not too long ago, has apparently overheated from strain, because when last seen it was collapsed in the corner with smoke pouring out of it. In fact, next to Joe Biden’s fundraising efforts, the Trump juggernaut looks to be as overblown and ineffectual as […]

Trump Campaign Demands CNN Fire Commentator Who Merely Asked If Trump Had A Stroke

Donald Trump is very very weirded out by the fact that there is a conversation about his midnight run to Walter Reed being due to his having suffered a stroke. The Trump campaign has set out to crucify analyst Joe Lockhart, and all he did was ask a question on Twitter. @RonnyJackson4TX if you read […]

Reagan Foundation Tells Trump Campaign To Cool It On Sales Of Trump-Reagan Commemorative Coins

It’s another swell day at Trump reelection headquarters. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute got wind of a new grifting scheme on the part of Donald Trump and the RNC involving commercializing the 40th president’s likeness on a coin along with Trump, and they called a halt to it, jimmy pronto. To quote their marketing official, “within seconds.” Somebody’s head will roll for this — and it won’t be Brad Parscale’s. He went to the guillotine last week. Washington Post: The solicitation offered, for a donation of $45 or more, a “limited edition” commemorative set featuring two gold-colored coins, one each with an image of Reagan and Trump. The coins were mounted with a 1987 photograph of Reagan and Trump shaking hands in a White House receiving line — the type of fleeting contact that presidents have with thousands of people a year. You need a little back story on this to fully appreciate it. Trump claimed Reagan was really impressed with him when he met him. In fact, Trump used to love to broadcast a fake quote attributed to Reagan. This isn’t the first time the 45th president has traded on the name or likeness of the 40th, who is revered among conservatives, for his own purposes. In July 2019, he shared as “Cute!” a fake quote by Reagan that was making its way around social media. According to the apocryphal story, Reagan upon meeting Trump supposedly said: “For the life of me, and I’ll never know how to explain it, when I met that young man, I felt like I was the one shaking hands with the president.” Trump continued to spread the made-up quote, even though Joanne Drake, the chief administrative officer of the Reagan Foundation, had already told the fact-checking website PolitiFact that Reagan “did not ever say that about Donald Trump.” So this, plus the fact that Reagan’s son, Michael, said in 2016, “My father would never have put up with this and Nancy would have voted for Hillary,” indicates that the Reagans and the Reagan Foundation are not exactly sweet on Trump. So that, and who knows what else, quashed the commemorative coin set. This was the Trump campaign’s endeavor to impress the classy conservatives and maybe expand the base with them. Unfortunately, there is no desire by the parties responsible for Ronald Reagan’s legacy to see it sullied with an association with Donald Trump and that certainly makes sense. Here’s Trump’s smarmy sales pitch, which apparently the Reagan Foundation found tasteless. “Friend,” the fundraising email purportedly from Trump said, “I just saw our new Trump-Reagan Commemorative Coin Sets and WOW, these coins are beautiful – I took one look and immediately knew that I wanted YOU to have a set. These aren’t any ordinary coins. They symbolize an important time in our Nation. This year, in addition to being re-elected as YOUR President, it also marks the 40th anniversary of our Nation’s 40th President, Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, we already sold out of the first batch we had in stock. But I liked these coins so much that I asked my team to rush order another batch for my TOP SUPPORTERS ONLY.” It cautioned: “I’ve authorized a very limited production of these iconic coins, which is why I’m ONLY offering them to our top supporters, like YOU. This offer is NOT available to […]


You go to war with the army you have I’ll admit it, being a lifelong cheerful pessimist, I’m having a little trouble with this whole giddy thing. Every time I turn on the news, I have to keep reminding myself that my feet are supposed to stay in contact with the ground. And it’s only the lead in my ass that keeps me in my chair so that I can type. Just think of this. In the last week alone, the sitting President of the United States had to spend 15 minutes at a rally assuring his slavish fans that he really can walk down a ramp, had to graphically display for the same meager crowd that he can actually drink from a glass of water, even if it’s not a Tommee Tippee. and the presidential press secretary had to step up to the podium and assure the assembled media that the President really can read, and that he’s actually the smartest person in the room. As long as nobody else is in the room. You literally cannot make this shit up. Not only have the wheels fallen off of the Trump campaign bus, the gas tank is on fire. Trump’s popularity and his job approval numbers have gone on an extended spelunking trip, and he now trails Biden by double digits in every battleground state. Senior GOP strategists too dumb to work for The Lincoln Project, as well as several senior GOP Senators, have finally noticed that there sees to be a problem here. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And the GOP power grid, what there is of it, has just the desperate measure in mind. They are putting the bug in his ear through the only medium he understands, FUX news that he needs to shake up his reelection campaign team! Perfect! And, as any sports fan knows, it’s not like it hasn’t worked before. Your hometown baseball team is mired in last place, 27 games under 500. In freakin’ May. These guys make the Bad News Bears look like the NY Yankees. It’s so bad that the beer vendors are dumping free bull shots into the 16 ozer’s before they hand them over to the fans. The only logical solution? Fire the manager! of course. Even if the whole bunch of the bums should be on street corners with buckets and squeegees, they can’t bring the entire AAA team up for the rest of the season. So it’s time for a sacrificial lamb to show how tough you are. What did I say at the top? You go to war with the army you have. And I’ve actually seen some of the campaign’s efforts, since they’re apparently so flush with cash that they’re blowing some of it advertising on MSNBC. And it’s really not that bad as far as political advertising goes. The positive ads are an over bloated pack of lies about Trump’s non existent accomplishments, and the attack ads are a packet of lies hammering Biden for kissing China’s ass for the last 40 years. There’s nothing compelling about them, but they’re not embarrassing themselves or their client either So a sacrificial lamb it will be. But it won’t make the slightest bit of difference, for a very simple reason. When your client is Charlie Manson, it really doesn’t matter who the lawyer is! The campaign can plug along, putting the best possible spin on the record, but […]

The Trump Campaign’s Messaging Is Unraveling Like A Sweater

Look, I’m hip, we’ve all been there. At some time or another all of us have been with a coworker or teammate when the teammate or coworker said or did something stupid. That feeling of camaraderie kind of makes it mandatory for everybody else to kind of look sheepish, and try to gloss over or correct the stupidity. The secret to doing that is to make sure that you don’t say or do something that makes you look more stupid than the original idiot. Which is a concept that the Trump campaign is currently failing with flying colors. Twice in the last two days, in direct response to a question about Trump’s comment at his rally that he had told his people to slow down on testing was a joke, one specifically aimed at the media. A simple replay of his comment clearly shows the fallacy of Kayleigh McInany’s lies. But worse yet is Trump himself. He looked right into a FUX News camera, and spoke earnestly about how the US has such high infection rates because they’ve done more than 25 million tests, so they’re catching more cases. Watch the clip, Trump is not only dead serious, he is seriously trying to explain to the viewers that if we don’t test people, then those cases will never be caught or documented. At least on this subject, Trump is literally incapable of linear thought. But what I just saw in the last half hour took the Trump campaign PR bullshit meter off the charts. Katy Tur just had some high mucky-muck poobah named Marc Lotter on her show on MSNBC, and she really tried to box him into a corner. She asked him something like, Marc, considering the national polls showing President Trump trailing Joe Biden, and also trailing Biden in most of the swing states, the inability to make progress on the coronavirus issue, and the abysmal turnout at the rally Saturday night, which some people blame on coronavirus fears, can you honestly tell me you still feel good about where the campaign is? God, I love Katy Tur! She locked him in a house with no windows, and then invited him to try to crawl out of the doggie door. But Lotter’s reply was a shining example of just how stupid the Trump campaign thinks people, especially the media are, and how short their memories are. He replied, Actually Katy, I feel great about where we are, and one of the reasons is the numbers I’m seeing. Especially one set of numbers. In state after state, when the GOP primaries are being held, President Trump is amassing vote totals, running unopposed, than either President Obama in 2012 or even George W Bush in 2004. So, the enthusiasm is definitely there! Look, I put an almost Zen devotion to the mantra Jon Stewart gave in his final show, If you smell bullshit, then call bullshit. OK, Jon, then bullshit, Bullshit, BULLSHIT! This has to be one of the most flagrant, as well as transparent examples of flat out, unrepentant bullshit that I’ve ever seen, and I hope like hell that the media hammers this like a nail. Cast your mind back to October and November of last year. First former GOP Massachusetts Governor and 2016 Libertarian Party VP candidate William Weld announced that he had filed the paperwork to […]

Donald Trump’s tantrums and his campaign’s incompetence come together in a big waste of money

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How Trump’s swampy campaign manager was able to blow millions on lavish spending sprees

Feel free to share this with anyone who donated to Trump 2020.  I did.  Brad Parscale is Paul Manafort’s successor as Trump’s campaign manager....

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