You go to war with the army you have I’ll admit it, being a lifelong cheerful pessimist, I’m having a little trouble with this whole giddy thing. Every time I turn on the news, I have to keep reminding myself that my feet are supposed to stay in contact with the ground. And it’s only the lead in my ass that keeps me in my chair so that I can type. Just think of this. In the last week alone, the sitting President of the United States had to spend 15 minutes at a rally assuring his slavish fans that he really can walk down a ramp, had to graphically display for the same meager crowd that he can actually drink from a glass of water, even if it’s not a Tommee Tippee. and the presidential press secretary had to step up to the podium and assure the assembled media that the President really can read, and that he’s actually the smartest person in the room. As long as nobody else is in the room. You literally cannot make this shit up. Not only have the wheels fallen off of the Trump campaign bus, the gas tank is on fire. Trump’s popularity and his job approval numbers have gone on an extended spelunking trip, and he now trails Biden by double digits in every battleground state. Senior GOP strategists too dumb to work for The Lincoln Project, as well as several senior GOP Senators, have finally noticed that there sees to be a problem here. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And the GOP power grid, what there is of it, has just the desperate measure in mind. They are putting the bug in his ear through the only medium he understands, FUX news that he needs to shake up his reelection campaign team! Perfect! And, as any sports fan knows, it’s not like it hasn’t worked before. Your hometown baseball team is mired in last place, 27 games under 500. In freakin’ May. These guys make the Bad News Bears look like the NY Yankees. It’s so bad that the beer vendors are dumping free bull shots into the 16 ozer’s before they hand them over to the fans. The only logical solution? Fire the manager! of course. Even if the whole bunch of the bums should be on street corners with buckets and squeegees, they can’t bring the entire AAA team up for the rest of the season. So it’s time for a sacrificial lamb to show how tough you are. What did I say at the top? You go to war with the army you have. And I’ve actually seen some of the campaign’s efforts, since they’re apparently so flush with cash that they’re blowing some of it advertising on MSNBC. And it’s really not that bad as far as political advertising goes. The positive ads are an over bloated pack of lies about Trump’s non existent accomplishments, and the attack ads are a packet of lies hammering Biden for kissing China’s ass for the last 40 years. There’s nothing compelling about them, but they’re not embarrassing themselves or their client either So a sacrificial lamb it will be. But it won’t make the slightest bit of difference, for a very simple reason. When your client is Charlie Manson, it really doesn’t matter who the lawyer is! The campaign can plug along, putting the best possible spin on the record, but […]

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