Xian MAGAt Laughed Out of the Water When He Says Terrorists Responsible For Parade Boats Sinking

Apparently the MAGAts never heard of Hanlon’s Law, that you should never attribute to conspiracy that which can be explained by plain stupidity. As you know, a number of Trumpkins went glub glub when their $300K boats went down in Lake Travis in Texa$$, while in a boat parade honoring their guru, Donald Trump. A […]

Life Imitates Failure, Multiple Boats Sinking In Trump Texas Boat Parade

For the nth time I must observe, nobody would believe life in Trump world if it was written as a script. Today Trump world met Water World, literally. 911 calls came pouring in to the Sheriff’s Department as boats in a Trump boat parade on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas began to sink. Not just […]

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