Trump’s Chumps

Hey, look! It isn’t even Groundhog’s Day. and isn’t that Murf popping his head out of his hole?! Yes, it is. And yes, I saw my shadow, and so did pretty much everybody else. When I pop out of my hole, entire states tend to think that a solar eclipse just occurred. One of the reasons for my recent […]

You thought the last 2 1/2 years were the worst? Dream on.

Forewarned is forearmed   14th century Latin proverb So, you thought that with the Epstein moon once again circling Alpha Trumpori 1, we had finally reached the depths of the depravity of the Trump administration? Well, as Bachman-Turner-Overdrive used to warble, “B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-n-nuttin’ yet.” Although we are more than halfway through the first, and please Dios, only Trump term, the worst is yet to come. There are several reason why I say this, and while none of them are reassuring, they are all logical, and fit in with facts as we already know them. For starters, Trump is nothing if not predictable. Since the day he slowly farted his way through Gucci silk down that golden escalator in Trump Tower, to the adoring applause of paid “supporters, Trump’s pitch has been carefully crafted to be music only to the ears of the misbegotten souls who find his dreck palatable. He speaks to a forgotten, or unattended group of the downtrodden, chock-a-block replete with grievance, fear, and hatred. This is why Trump held so many rallies during the campaign, and holds so many now. He is constantly on the lookout for new, more sensational crimes and grievances to lay before his supporters. He uses these rallies not only because his insecurity requires constant ego gratification, but also as a sounding board for something new to rile up his llama brained followers. If he trots something out at a rally, and it stirs up the base, he’ll use it again and again. If it falls flat, he’ll try another one the next time. His followers tend to have the attention span of newborn puppies, so constant stimulation and distraction are required. Since his miraculous electoral college victory, Trump has stunned political historians, analysts, and talking heads for being the first President in history who, upon winning, did not pivot to the middle to increase his base to better his chances for reelection. Instead, Trump has relentlessly pivoted even further in the direction of his howling mob, and away from the mainstream. The problem with a pack of rabid dogs is that they require a steady supply of fresh meat. The impending ICE raids are just the opening salvo of a descending stairway of cruelty, especially to “the others.” Second. Trump is unchained. This occurred two ways. First, say what you want about political carp like Reince Priebus, John Kelly, Rex Tillerson, and the rest. Whatever their sins, they were a restraining influence on Trump’s worst excesses. But by a combination of attrition, as well as Machiavellian back stabbing, all of those restraining influences have been removed,replaced by toadying sycophants whose Tantric chant is “Let Trump be Trump,” turning him over to the tender mercies of racist Rasputin’s like Stephen Miller. Trump is now free to indulge his most base whims. Last November completed the transformation. In the 2018 midterms, the GOP lost the House, but that was actually a boon for Trump. Trump didn’t lose many Trumpaholics in safe red districts. What Trump lost were more traditional conservatives like Char;ie Dent, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Carlos Curbelo, House members who didn’t even hold steerage class tickets on the SS Trumptanic. But what they did represent were a block of about 30-40 more traditional Republicans, who properly outraged, could raise their voices in […]

Is Trump Paranoid? Of Course He Is, Except Maybe Not Today.

You know, being an Irishman, I love irony. And being a Murphy, I love it twice as much, since we have that stupid law named after us. When they interview Trump supporters, there are a growing number of them that say that while they’re actually rather ambivalent about Trump, they loudly support him simply because it makes us libtards heads explode. That being said, what kind of pleasure don’t they think we get when every utterance from AOC or Nancy Pelosi, or Maxine Waters makes his head spin around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist? Trump’s rampant paranoia can no longer be disputed or denied. From his continued avowal that Obama had his wires tapped during the 2016 election cycle, to his crazed disavowal of all things Cohen, without even knowing what Cohen was blabbering about, to his insistence that the Mueller investigation was actually a failed “deep state coup,” Trump must be sleeping standing up, with his back against a wall, instead of in a box full of his native earth. If there’s one thing that His Lowness didn’t need, it was any more fuel for his already fevered brain. But that’s exactly what he got, from aides and advisers quietly telling him that maybe his victory lap over the Mueller report findings should have been around the house instead of around Central Park, to the flurry of subpoenas hitting everything from bis accounting firm to his insurance agency, to every bank he ever stole a pen from, Trump is in an almost literal frenzy. And while Trump may be unhinged, there are two areas in which I actually think that his raging paranoia may actually be well founded. The first area of concern would be his base. Since day one, Trump has been monolithic about his rabid base of Trombies. Everything he says or does is geared to keep them revved up and slavish. Trump’s base is to his ego what a double bacon cheeseburger is to his stomach. But there could be cause for concern there. Trump pulled out every trick in the slavish devotion playbook in 2018, everything from telling supporters that he really was on the ballot in a way, because a vote for incumbents was a vote for him and his agenda, to hyping a mythical caravan invasion from a caravan that wasn’t even expected to catch sight of his non existent wall until a month after the election. And what happened? The Democrats scored millions more votes nationwide, flipped 40 GOP House seats, as well as 2 GOP Senate seats, including one in a state that Trump carried in 2016. Even worse is a poll that needs to be watched, but hints at deterioration in his base. Trump’s popularity among GOP voters has consistently been between 84-88%.But in a poll that Lawrence O’Donnell showed last night of registered GOP voters, only 54% were committed to voting for Trump in a contested GOP primary, 20% more leaned Trump, but could be swayed to vote for Weld, and Weld owned 8% outright. The problem here is that even if you give Trump all of that wavering 20%, that still only takes him to 74%, 10-14 points shy of his long time average. And whatever the remaining unaccounted for 28% in that poll are, what they aren’t  is rabid Trump supporters, and […]

The only thing that really surprises me is that it took this long.

For the 147,296th time, no, I am not spiking the football. Every time I try that, the damn thing bounces back up and clips me in the nits. Two polls do not make a “trend,” but if yesterdays Marist and the CNN poll of a couple of days ago are accurate, and buttressed by future reliable polling, then the Trump train may be speeding towards a washed out bridge, instead of Nancy Pelosi tied to the track like Tess Trueheart in the old mountie movies. The Marist poll has Trump at 39% approval, CNN has it pegged at 47%. This is the first time that Trump has broken the 40% floor in popularity. Likewise, Marist shows him losing ground substantially in almost all if not all key groups of what should be his staunchest “base.” But the most worrying thing is that the Marist poll shows his support among Republicans as a whole at 80%, down from 89% in the last poll. I remember GOP strategists Rick Wilson and Mike Murphy, each saying separately over a year ago when Trump was struggling in the polls that the absolute floor of support for a president of either party in party support was generally accepted to be 87%. If an incumbent hit 85%,people with 12 functioning brain cells tended to start putting on life jackets and climbing up on the rails. The real question is “Why now?” I mean, it’s not like Trump has changed his basic pattern of behavior. He’s still the same small, petty, obnoxious pain in the ass that he’s been since he clanked down his schlock golden escalator to spark a national nightmare. Why is his base suddenly freaking out now, especially when his right wing overlords at FOX are so busy praising him for being such a good widdle man? Network pundits have all kinds of ideas and theories as to why Trump is suddenly falling off the cliff, and personally, I think they’re fill of shit. The problem with political pundits and commentators is the simple fact that they’re political creatures. They look at everything through a political lens, and they can only conceive of, and ascribe conditions to political causes and effects. How many times does this have to be said? Donald Trump is NOT a creature of politics! Trump has no political background, no political skills, no political common sense, Pundits keep looking for political loopholes that keep allowing Trump to escape political disaster, but they’re ignoring the simple fact that Trump’s most reliable base is NOT motivated by any kind of political logic or orthodoxy either. Trump is a cult figure, a craze, a fad. His base loved him simply because he was not just another mealy mouthed politician. He didn’t act like a politician, he didn’t think like a politician, and he sure as hell didn’t talk like a politician. A large part of his appeal was/is that he is a total political outsider. Trump was popcorn for the soul to a large group of bitter, disillusioned people who were sick and tired of traditional politics. Besides, he always looks so cool on TV when he curls his lip, points his finger, and snarls “You’re FIRED!” Does Marco Rubio do that? Does Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush? Huh? Huh? Do they? Trump is falling off of the proverbial cliff with his base […]

28 days to go. Eyes on the prize people!

You know, I’ve got to hand it to El Pendejo Presidente. When it comes to politics, he literally could fall into a shithouse, and come up with a sealed box lunch. Brett Kavanaugh was always meant to serve as a distraction. Trump could have picked any of a number of conservative judges that would have […]

On the issue of Trump and his “base.” Something. Doesn’t. Add. Up.

Something’s happening here…What it is, ain’t exactly clear   Buffalo Springfield If you live long enough, you start to realize that very little in life is “black and white,” most issues have many varying shades of gray that can alter perceptions and opinions. But it appears that Trump doesn’t “do” grays, everything is stark black and […]

Did Trump just start shedding his vaunted “base?” Hear me out before you laugh.

Ever since the campaign, at one time or another we have claimed the “bridge too far” moment in what Trump has said and done, and been proven wrong every time. Along the way, most of us resigned ourselves that there was an unshakable base of 35-40% that would follow him to the gates of hell. […]

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