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Yes!! GOP Terrified Trump Is Going to Demand Spectacle Trial!

The title says it all. The GOP is flat terrified that their fidelity to Donald Trump is going to run right up against his insistence on a big splashy extravaganza trial that he believes he needs in order to exonerate himself and “embarrass the Democrats.” This is the Donald Trump we need, the self-assured one, convinced of his own greatness, refusing to listen to the advice of far far far more savvy people who are looking 9-10 months down the road. It is also just so damned Trumpian to believe that if he just gets to  explain and control things he will win. Obviously, too, this is driven by Trump’s vein-popping need for revenge and his fantasies of punishing those who hurt him. We have written about his inclinations about a trial before, we have not read that it is this serious, enough to cause a true divide (finally) among Republicans and Trump. Rawstory has the summary of great Politico report: The president believes a splashy trial will vindicate him and embarrasses Democrats, according to six sources familiar with his thinking, and outside allies are urging him to push for testimony from Hunter Biden, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the anonymous whistleblower, reported Politico. First of all, the Whistleblower is probably out of reach, and that ruling should be made by Chief Justice Roberts, because neither party will want to await a full court ruling, and I do not think that even a Senate vote can violate the Whistleblower statute. Moreover, Republican Senators don’t want him called in the first place. The whistleblower heard directly from people in the room, his entire story has been backed-up. Second, I am actually wishing that Schiff had testified in the House and would love him to do so in the Senate. Schiff is ten times smarter than Trump’s TV lawyers – remember, Trump doesn’t have real lawyers – and Schiff didn’t do anything wrong. Moreover, since Trump doesn’t have real lawyers, they won’t be able to control Schiff’s answers, and he’ll get to sit there and go on and on about how this is all terrible, might slip in new stuff they don’t know, and continue to return to the facts in the matter. Last, Hunter Biden? He might get beat up a bit, yet all he needs to say is “I didn’t break any law, and I would have talked to U.S. law enforcement. None of you investigated me before my father started running.” Those statements will take a ton of power out of any embarrassing stuff pulled out of him. But mostly, it is the optics that are just devastating. Trump demands that all these tangential people, not a single one is relevant to what Trump actually did except the Whistleblower and even if he (it is a he) is dragged out there, everything in his report has been backed by live witnesses who testified. Meanwhile, Trump has blocked everyone who was there. The subpoena going out to these witnesses would also quite possibly piss enough Republicans off (it only takes 3) to subpoena the White House employees, Mick Mulvaney, Bolton, etc. who will sit there and attempt to claim executive privilege. John Roberts will be there to rule and no matter how he rules, it makes Trump look bad. Even […]

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