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Closest Thing We Have to Proof that Trump Is Controlled by Russia

Trump’s presidency has been littered by explosive revelations, especially so of late. Not a single one of those explosive revelations definitively proved that Trump was a knowing Russian asset. However, not a single one of those explosive revelations ever once cast doubt upon the Trump-Russia connection. Not a single revelation ever demonstrated that Trump “argued” with Putin, or “angered” the Russians, or did anything other than blindly adhere to Russian orthodoxy with respect to global issues. Not one revelation. Lacking clear evidence that Trump is a Russian agent, we must continue to make inferences to establish what we know must be true. In my opinion, the clearest evidence we have that Trump is controlled by Russians relates to his derision for, or disdain of, NATO. Simply put, no American bearing even the most pedestrian familiarity with international affairs is “anti-NATO.” In fact, NATO is so central to U.S. security and interests that the only people who have a problem with NATO come from Russia, the country NATO was established to thwart. But Trump has a problem with NATO. Trump has a bigger problem with NATO than we knew even to this point. According to Newsweek, the book “A Warning” by “Anonymous,” contains an entire chapter dedicated to the terror shared by those in the diplomatic community that Trump will pull us out of NATO, or effectively destroy NATO. Per Newsweek’s story: According to Anonymous, Trump “has repeatedly astounded advisors” by suggesting he wishes to withdraw from NATO, which is underpinned by American money and military might. The president tells us we are ‘getting raped’ because other countries are spending far less to be a part of it, adding that the organization is ‘obsolete,'” Anonymous explained. The very fact that Russia detests NATO and wants it dissolved is proof positive that the organization is not “obsolete.” The only people who would view NATO as “obsolete” are the people who want to team-up with Russia in world affairs, which describes both Trump and, increasingly, the Republican party generally. Indeed, last year’s NATO summit was consumed by Trump’s attacks on fellow leaders and demands to address “burden sharing.” A minority of NATO’s members are currently fulfilling the commitment to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense—agreed at the 2014 summit in the U.K.—much to Trump’s frustration. Trump is actually not “frustrated” by the lack of “burden sharing,” indeed, the lack of “burden sharing” has actually been a net positive for the United States. It allowed the U.S. to have near exclusive control NATO’s policy and configuration. Because the United States bore the greatest percentage and overall commitment, the U.S. dictated many of the terms by which NATO operated, including operating U.S. military bases on foreign lands, something that would otherwise be impossible were it not for our disproportionate commitment. No, Trump is not bothered by “burden sharing,” it is simply something he can talk about as justification for weakening NATO. The point, of course, is that not a single sane American ever believed that destabilizing our NATO partners was in the U.S. interests. Yet Trump somehow came up with such thoughts as one of his few core “principles.” Trump has precious few core principles by which he governs, yet this is damn sure one of them. Where could this principle possibly have come […]

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