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CNN: Trump Increasingly Aggravated, and Obviously Agitated

Given that I can’t think of a bigger Grinch, or anyone with less holiday spirit, it is fitting that reports everywhere indicate that Trump is “aggravated” over this most “wonderful time of the year.” Certainly by his Twitter feed, it’s not hard to figure out that he’s agitated. Sounds just like the Christmas vacation he richly deserves, one full of pain and worry. CNN seems to specialize in documenting Trump’s fury: “President Trump is growing increasingly agitated spending time here in Mar-a-Lago with this extended state of limbo surrounding the Senate trial. The president wants to have his symbolic day in court and he wants to have the peace of mind of knowing that a trial date is coming. But Democrats are showing no signs of backing down, or that the trial date is in the near future.” He wants his symbolic day in court because he’s counting upon unanimous Republican support for acquittal, especially if done quickly so that no “new” evidence breaks. It is not the “trial date” that would give him peace of mind, so much as knowing that the investigation will be over. At least, that is my best guess. It is ironic that Trump is furious that he’s the one hanging in limbo. He is in this position because he attempted to create a situation where Biden would be accused, yet never get a “day in court,” nor any peace of mind. Trump tried to force Ukraine into “announcing an investigation.” Such an announcement would have placed Biden in permanent limbo. “In the meantime, here at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump has been quizzing allies and aides about who should present his defense to the Senate,” she continued. “There are a lot of unanswered questions about the White House’s strategy for that Senate trial. The only certainty at this point is that Pat Cipollone, the White House Counsel, is likely to present the bulk of the president’s defense during the trial. There could be some other White House officials involved in that.” Personally, I think Trump should present his own defense. Who could possibly defend him with more passion, intellect, and ruthlessness than Trump himself? Who knows more than him? Go for it, Biff. It is not unusual for there to be a lot of unanswered questions about the strategy for a trial (senate or otherwise) when there is no strategy at all. I am sure Pat Cipollone is a fine attorney, but this is the type of proceeding where you want highly experienced trial lawyer. The best trial lawyers eat witnesses, chew them, and spit them out. They then become the most charming individuals in existence when it comes time to convince the jury. I don’t see any of those types on Trump’s team, quite possibly because they cost a lot of money. Anyhoo, it is quite apparent that Trump is aggravated, as he’s desperately trying to bother Nancy Pelosi on Twitter: Nancy, this just doesn’t seem right! https://t.co/0fmQj79DLX — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 28, 2019 *I cannot help myself. Notice the “Communism is real” caption on the original tweet? Does the MAGA-head tweeter believe that such disparities in wealth are the product of communism? It seems to me that huge wealth disparity is a specialty of unchecked and unregulated capitalism. We move on. The […]

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