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Trump’s Never Ending Descent Into Madness Continues

My god. Yes, we have long known that Trump isn’t mentally stable, never mind a genius. Many of us recall reading a 1991 Vanity Fair article on Trump and concluding back then that the man was clearly mentally weak and drugged out of his skull. It has, quite obviously, gotten worse. We all get older, and significant stress exacerbates any underlying mental instability. Over the last forty-eight hours especially, Trump continues to do “things” that would have sent shockwaves rippling through any society lacking a Fox News network to paper everything over. First, he’s back to slurring words terribly. Last night at a rally in Florida, Trump bragged about the economic prosperity brought about by the record high “sock rocket.” This “gaffe” got the attention of “experts” in the field. “Sock Rocket” = full neurological workout up STAT – pharmacological? perhaps– stress? maybe– sleep deprivation? likely– organic cognitive decline? quite possible – unfit? ABSOLUTELY https://t.co/EjUFFoUgUd — NeuroPsychoPhD (@SethN12) November 27, 2019 He then went to intentionally call the entire impeachment matter “bullshit” to the “family friendly” event in Florida. Look, I have no ability to call out someone for using foul language. I dabble in it extensively, and use it with flourish in my fiction. But I am not the president of the United States. Moreover, even though I am not afraid of any “word” that my daughter might hear, I most certainly do want her brought up learning that there is a time and place for certain things, and that behaviors must fit contexts. The president of the United States, standing at a podium speaking to citizens of the United States, including many children, should not be using words like “bullshit.” This does fit into the picture regarding his mental stability, because we know he can dial it back when he wants. We know his staff won’t “write in” such language in a speech. He inserted it on the fly, an own-goal that he knows hurts him even with his base, no matter how many people in the crowd “cheered.” Speaking of fitting in pictures and mental instability, Trump tweeted this morning: pic.twitter.com/11nzKwOCtU — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 27, 2019 That is the president of the United States, tweeting himself out as Rocky. The response is roughly what you might imagine, from experts, again: Not at all normal. Not even close. — Barry Schapiro MD (@bschapiroMD) November 27, 2019 I guess it relates to some rambling comment he made last night at his rally in Florida where he states that his doctors at Walter Reed said: This is a reference to a comment Trump made at his rally last night, where he claimed that his doctors at Walter Reed had said: "Show us that gorgeous chest." — Grace Segers (@Grace_Segers) November 27, 2019 Oh. Which explains nothing. Trump is obviously under an increasing amount of stress. Two nights ago, for the first time that I have seen, he disowned Rudy Giuliani, pulling the rug out from under Rudy by stating that Rudy was “doing his own things” in Ukraine, and that Rudy had “several other clients.” Obviously, Bill O’Reilly didn’t challenge Trump by noting: “But you told Zelensky to speak to Rudy! You specifically said to “talk to Rudy about the favor that you sought!” Still, the fact that Trump […]

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