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China Wants a Trump Victory: Trump Is Predictable and Unprincipled

The Chinese government has determined that they prefer Trump in the 2020 election over whatever Democrat might win the nomination. Their reasoning is straight-forward, the logic undeniable: “For although he may seem unpredictable, Chinese officials are betting that Trump’s transactional approach to politics might be preferable to a more principle-driven president, whether Democrat or Republican.” https://t.co/U0yLHHNtMh — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) November 29, 2019 “Transactional approach” for those of you just awaking from a tryptophan fog means “We can buy him off, if needed.” Just look at the next line! They compare him to a more “principle-driven” president, meaning – of course, someone with principles. Thus, the Chinese, having access to large amounts of money, and influence prefer to deal with Trump, who they know they can buy and, therefore, predict. Of course that’s a better option for China than a Democrat who might have some principles, principles like placing the welfare of the United States above his own, or China’s, for that matter. This is a problem, obviously, because at this point in time, the Chinese government may be the most powerful on Earth. If the Chinese and Russians are operating to manipulate our vote and election (not the same thing), do we even stand a chance? We will see. We won’t give up, I know that. The secret on Trump is clearly “out,” he refuses to put the United States first, ever. He will always put his own fortune and well-being ahead of the nations.’ Anyone who can confer power or money to Trump has substantial influence over the United States’ executive branch. Perhaps that is why Turning Point USA spent so damned much money buying useless copies of Junior’s book. Here’s a pic I was sent of boxes of “Triggered” sitting in the offices of Turning Point USA, a student group with close Trumpworld ties. pic.twitter.com/7Isaj3YYcM — Nick Confessore (@nickconfessore) November 28, 2019 Turning Point USA must have figured they’d shovel some money into the supermassive black hole that is the singularity of the Trump galaxy and get favors in return. They are simply buying influence and Trump will behave predictably. Of course, people have “bought” influence in politics forever, that’s not new. What is new is the idea that “influence” is the only principle, to the point that Americans enjoy no advantage at all over Saudis, Chinese or, yes, Russians. Indeed, every autocratic, fascist or corrupt country out there right now must be licking their lips at the thought of a weakening, divided and predictable United States. It is not just China, Russia and Saudi, every non-democratic government state wants Trump to win in 2020. If you are a dictator, Trump is heaven-sent. Let’s play make believe. Pretend that Vladimir Putin had no influence or relationship with Trump until roughly six months ago. Let’s pretend that Putin wants to take advantage of Trump’s predictability and unprincipled nature. Putin also desperately wants to see the United States military weakened, politicized, polluted by Trump. What might he do? Putin might create a far-right internet hero out of a war criminal, then pay some lackeys at Fox News to make the war criminal a celebrity cause. Fox News could whine while begging: “Mr. President, please pardon this warfighting hero …” Trump gets to spend weeks hearing about this “poor SEAL” who is victimized by the Pentagon for […]

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